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Novatia Consulting Nigeria is a leading provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consulting services in the country. Our mission is to provide our clients with tailored solutions that meet their specific needs and maximize their return on investment.

We offer comprehensive ERP solutions designed for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. Our experienced team of professionals are dedicated to delivering high quality results and providing superior customer service every step of the way.

We specialize in helping our clients navigate the complexities associated with implementing an ERP system and ensuring its success through ongoing maintenance and support. At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, we understand how important it is for companies to have access to timely information and accurate insight into their operations.

Our consultants have extensive experience working with various types of organizations across multiple industries, including finance, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, retail, hospitality and more. We will work closely with you to develop a customized solution that meets your business objectives while maximizing efficiency and streamlining processes.

With our expert guidance and personalized approach to problem solving, you can rest assured that you will receive optimal value from your ERP system implementation project.

Our Mission

Novatia Consulting Nigeria is a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting firm in the country. Established on the principles of strategic planning and data protection, our mission is to provide clients with innovative solutions that maximize their operations through efficient use of technology.

Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing best-in-class ERP tools for organizations seeking optimization and competitive advantage.

We believe that all businesses should be able to access advanced technologies at an affordable price, so we strive to deliver quality services within budget constraints.

We prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering tailored, high-quality products and services based on detailed analysis and understanding of each client’s unique needs.

Our primary goal is to build relationships with our customers that last long after the project has come to completion.

At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced world.

That’s why we offer comprehensive support throughout every stage of implementation – from initial consultation to post go-live maintenance – ensuring your success now and into the future.

Comprehensive Solutions

At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, we understand the need for comprehensive solutions that are both scalable and cost efficient. To meet this requirement, our team of expert ERP consultants provide a tailored approach to ensure that all clients receive optimal value from their chosen system. We prioritize delivering an integrated solution to boost efficiency in business processes, improve customer experience and drive growth.

Our blend of services include implementation assistance, customization options, training and support programs. These allow us to effectively manage projects from start to finish; ensuring that client objectives are met within budget.

Additionally, through continuous feedback loops with customers, we strive to continuously refine our methods and increase overall satisfaction levels.

To further enhance scalability and reduce costs associated with IT infrastructures, we offer cloud-based hosting services as well as data security tools such as encryption technologies. This enables businesses to access applications anytime and anywhere at minimal operational overheads. Our technical teams also work hand-in-hand with third party vendors where necessary to ensure smooth integration between systems.

Novatia Consulting Nigeria is committed towards providing quality service delivery by leveraging on industry best practices and cutting edge technology advancements. We believe these measures will help enterprises achieve greater productivity through improved visibility into operations while reducing time associated with manual tasks or outdated legacy systems.

Experienced Team

At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, we understand that ERP solutions are the backbone of a business’s success. For this reason, our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive and scalable solutions to meet each client’s individual needs. We have extensive experience in delivering cost-optimized ERP systems designed to drive growth and profitability for businesses of all sizes.

Our experienced consultants are experts in designing custom-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications with powerful analytics capabilities. Our team has implemented many successful projects across industries such as healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing, and logistics; leveraging their deep knowledge of industry best practices along with advanced technologies like AI/ML and Cloud Computing.

We also offer training programs for clients who need additional support during the implementation process or afterwards to ensure long-term success.

We believe in offering tailored solutions that deliver measurable results without sacrificing quality or service delivery standards. From identifying areas for improvement within existing processes to developing new strategies for innovation, our team strives to provide efficient services that maximize ROI while maintaining complete customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, we strive to be proactive when it comes to understanding emerging trends in technology so that we can stay ahead of the competition and remain competitive in an ever-changing market landscape.

Novatia Consulting Nigeria provides exceptional value through its reliable automated systems and specialized expertise – allowing us to create customized software designs quickly and efficiently while still meeting your specific requirements at an optimal price point.

With years of experience under our belt, you can trust that our team will work tirelessly until you receive the desired outcome from your investment into ERP consulting services.

Tailored Solutions

NOVATIA Consulting Nigeria is committed to providing tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team of experts are knowledgeable in all areas of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and can provide cost-effective, scalable solutions that will have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

We understand that each business has different requirements and we strive to create customized plans for each client based upon their individual goals and objectives. We believe that leveraging technology through ERP consulting services should be a competitive advantage for any company looking to streamline operations, increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Our experienced consultants specialize in developing innovative strategies to maximize system performance while ensuring minimum disruption to existing processes. Our comprehensive suite of services includes strategic planning, implementation support, training, project management and ongoing maintenance.

All components are carefully evaluated with an eye towards scalability and cost effectiveness; making it easier for organizations to achieve their desired results without breaking their budgets. Through our exceptional service delivery standards, we help businesses realize maximum value from their investments in ERP systems.

Whether you need guidance selecting the right system or assistance optimizing its usage throughout the lifecycle of your project, NOVATIA Consulting Nigeria provides the expertise necessary to ensure success now and into the future. As such, partnering with us gives you access to cutting-edge technologies, dedicated resources and unparalleled commitment – enabling you make smarter decisions about how best to move forward with your organization’s strategy for growth.

Superior Customer Service

At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, we understand that superior customer service is essential for long-term success. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible by leveraging cutting-edge technology and cost effective scalability solutions.

Our consultants are highly skilled professionals who have a deep understanding of ERP systems and how they can be used to benefit businesses in the Nigerian market. Novatia Consulting Nigeria provides comprehensive implementation services that take into account all aspects of an organization’s needs and requirements. From designing customized modules to offering ongoing advice on system optimization, we ensure that each client receives tailored support throughout their journey.

We also provide training programs designed to equip personnel with the necessary skills needed to use the system efficiently. Our team at Novatia Consulting Nigeria continually monitors performance metrics such as user adoption rates and response times so that we can quickly identify areas where improvement is needed. In addition, our secure data centers guarantee round-the-clock availability regardless of traffic load or technical issues which could affect operations.

This allows us to offer reliable services without sacrificing security or privacy standards. We recognize that enterprises need more than just technical expertise when it comes to running their business – they require quality assurance from experienced professionals who know how to deliver value while meeting budget constraints. With years of collective experience in this space, we believe we’re uniquely positioned to meet any challenge thrown our way and help organizations achieve their objectives effectively and affordably.

Navigating Complexities

Novatia Consulting Nigeria understands the complexities of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and can help customers navigate them. To do this efficiently, accurate data must be obtained from clients to ensure risk management protocols are followed. Our ERP consultants have extensive experience in analyzing complex business processes and identifying areas for improvement.

Our team is equipped with the knowledge necessary to provide superior customer service. We work closely with our clients to develop custom solutions tailored to their individual needs by leveraging innovative tools and technologies that increase efficiency while reducing costs. With Novatia Consulting Nigeria’s expertise:

  • Clients can rest assured they will receive a comprehensive solution designed specifically for their environment.
  • Automation capabilities reduce manual effort and maximize operational performance.
  • Timely access to information allows users to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.
  • Comprehensive analytics ensure a complete understanding of current operations and potential opportunities.

No matter the size or complexity of your organization, our experienced professionals are here to assist you in navigating through any challenges encountered when implementing an ERP system within your organization.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, we understand that the ongoing maintenance and support of an ERP system is critical for a business’s success. We provide comprehensive review and assessment services to ensure cost efficiency in maintaining your system over time.

Our team of expert consultants will review your current ERP system and identify any potential issues or inefficiencies which may cause costly delays or disruptions down the line. This includes evaluating areas such as software performance, hardware compatibility, scalability, user experience, security protocols, disaster recovery plan implementation, data backup processes and other relevant aspects. All these points are thoroughly analyzed to assess their effectiveness in providing optimal operational functionality within the organizational context.

We also offer training sessions tailored to meet specific needs related to the use of existing systems as well as newly-implemented ones. In addition to this, our experts can provide regular monitoring and reporting services to help you keep track of system utilization trends over time. These reports can be used to make sure all necessary upgrades are carried out according to schedule so as not to disrupt daily operations when changes occur.

Overall, our goal is to help you maintain a robust ERP system with minimal disruption at maximum cost efficiency possible – ensuring smooth running throughout its lifecycle.

Timely Information

Nigeria’s success in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space depends on its ability to access timely information. At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, we understand this reality and utilize a wide range of technologies to ensure clients have reliable insights when they need it most:

  1. Data Visualisation: Our data visualisation techniques help our customers better comprehend their ERP systems by using graphical representations of real-time data. This allows for more informed decision making within an organisation.
  2. Automated Processes: Automation offers several advantages over manual processes such as accuracy and consistency, allowing organisations to scale efficiently without compromising quality or speed. We can implement automated solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  3. Reporting & Analytics: Utilising advanced analytics tools, we create customised reports that provide detailed insights into key performance indicators and assist with identifying areas where improvement is required within an ERP system.
  4. Dashboards & KPI Monitoring: Interactive dashboards allow organisations to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real time, helping them identify issues quickly and take corrective action before further damage occurs.

At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, our experienced team has helped numerous companies around the country leverage the power of technology to get meaningful results from their ERP systems faster than ever before. From rapid deployment cycles to comprehensive analysis services, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support throughout each stage of the process so you can achieve maximum efficiency at minimal cost.

Industry Expertise

The modern enterprise resource planning landscape is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve requires expert industry knowledge.

At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, our team has extensive experience in developing innovative solutions to meet the needs of businesses large and small. We utilize intelligent automation to develop scalable solutions that can easily adjust to changing market conditions without sacrificing cost or quality.

Our consultants have worked on projects across multiple industries, from finance to manufacturing. By understanding the unique challenges each industry presents, we are able to create ERP systems tailored specifically for a company’s individual requirements.

Our deep knowledge of both current and emerging technologies enables us to recommend the most suitable components for any given project.

We believe that collaboration is key when it comes to successful ERP implementations. That’s why our approach includes ongoing consultation with stakeholders throughout every stage of development. Not only does this ensure that all requirements are met on time and within budget; it also allows us to build strong relationships with clients based on trust and mutual respect.

Novatia Consulting Nigeria prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else—and our track record speaks for itself. With years of expertise in providing comprehensive ERP services, our team stands ready to assist you with your next project regardless of size or complexity.

Customized Solutions

NOVATIA Consulting Nigeria offers customized solutions to meet the unique business needs of our clients. Our ERP consultants create tailored approaches that guarantee cost benefit, scalability and flexibility for each client’s operations:

  1. Cost Benefit – We understand the importance of saving money in an organization and offer custom solutions that provide long-term cost savings without sacrificing quality or features.
  2. Scalability – You can easily scale your system up or down as you need with NOVATIA Consulting Nigeria’s customizable options, allowing you to adjust according to market trends and customer demands.
  3. Flexibility – Your company is able to customize its software based on changing needs over time, using a variety of data sources and platforms for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Integration – All of these systems are integrated into one platform so that they can communicate with one another seamlessly, ensuring all information is shared correctly across departments and customers alike.

Our experienced team handles the customization process from start to finish – designing the solution, implementing it efficiently, testing it properly, training users on how to use it effectively and monitoring performance afterwards.

With our expertise at hand, organizations can access their ideal setup quickly and painlessly while staying within budget requirements – making us the best choice for any enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting service provider in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Erp Consulting Services?

The cost of ERP consulting services depends on the scope and complexity of integration, as well as optimization processes required.

Data integration requires considerable effort to ensure a seamless transition between systems while process optimization helps companies improve their operations and efficiency by eliminating redundancies in existing procedures.

As such, Novatia Consulting Nigeria offers extensive experience in this field that can provide valuable insights into how to best approach each project for maximum success.

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Implement Erp Solutions?

The most efficient way to implement ERP solutions is through a cloud-based and data-driven approach.

This type of implementation allows for an enterprise’s IT infrastructure to be more heavily optimized, as the system can be easily accessed from any device with internet access.

By leveraging powerful analytics tools and big data capabilities, organizations are able to obtain insights into their operations quickly and accurately; this enables them to make faster decisions while still ensuring that they have all the necessary information at hand.

Cloud-based solutions also provide scalability in terms of both storage capacity and user numbers, allowing companies to grow without having to invest in additional software or hardware resources.

Are There Any Additional Services Offered For Erp Projects?

Novatia Consulting Nigeria offers a wide range of additional services for ERP projects, including upgrading existing infrastructure and integrating systems.

These services are tailored to the specific needs of each client in order to ensure that any project is completed with quality results and maximum efficiency.

Additionally, clients can leverage the expertise of our team to help guide them through their ERP initiatives from start to finish.

Our focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience has resulted in many successful ERP implementations throughout Nigeria.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Complete An Erp Consulting Project?

The typical duration of an ERP consulting project depends on the scope and complexity of the engagement.

Novatia Consulting Nigeria typically charges a fixed rate for the entire project, but will provide estimates based on hours required to complete the job.

The timeline can range from a few days or weeks up to several months depending on the size and number of tasks involved.

As experienced professionals in this field, Novatia Consulting Nigeria is able to offer flexible solutions that meet client’s needs while also ensuring quality results are delivered within reasonable timelines.

Is There A Guarantee Of Success With Erp Consulting Services?

The success of an ERP consulting project depends heavily on the customization and vendor selection made by the client.

Novatia Consulting Nigeria specializes in providing customized solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs, as well as identifying the right vendors for their projects.

While no guarantee can be made that all projects will be successful, Novatia provides a comprehensive package of services designed to ensure clients receive maximum value from their investment.


Novatia Consulting Nigeria provides an efficient and cost-effective approach to enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting. Our team of professionals is well versed in the most up-to-date ERP solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure successful implementation.

We understand that each client’s needs are unique, and we strive to provide the best possible outcome for all projects. In addition to our core consultancy services, Novatia also offers post-implementation support, training and other related services to help maximize the success of any ERP project.

With years of experience in Nigerian markets and extensive knowledge of current industry trends, Novatia is confident in its ability to deliver outstanding results.

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