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Novatia Consulting is a consulting firm that specializes in diversity and inclusion. We have a team of consultants who have experience in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as in other fields that are relevant to the work they do. These consultants can be hired on a contract basis or can be engaged as part of an organization’s staff.

Novatia Consulting offers services such as:

– Diversity and inclusion strategy development

– Staffing for organizations with diverse needs

– Training for managers and employees on diversity, equity, and inclusion practices

– Facilitation for workshops related to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Novatia consulting is a diversity, equity and inclusion consultancy. We provide our clients with the best in class diversity and inclusion services. Our services include recruitment, training and development, leadership coaching, organizational culture change and more.

Novatia Consulting provides a range of Diversity & Inclusion Services to organizations across Nigeria.

We specialize in providing Diversity & Inclusion Services to organizations in Nigeria.

Novatia consulting is a company that specializes in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion services. Our services include:

-Diversity and inclusion consulting

-Diversity and inclusion training

-Diversity and inclusion surveys

-Diversity and inclusion audits

-Diversity and inclusion workshops.

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