Due Diligence Consulting Services In Nigeria With Novatia Consulting

Novatia Consulting is the leader in due diligence consulting services in Nigeria. Our experienced team of consultants has been providing professional, reliable and cost-efficient services for over 5 years.

We have worked with a wide range of clients from large multinational corporations to small business owners across many sectors to provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. With our experience, knowledge and expertise we are well positioned to help you navigate the complexities of Nigerian markets and regulatory environments.

Our due diligence process involves detailed research into the client’s industry sector, local regulations and operating environment as well as thorough analysis of financial information such as cash flow, profitability ratios, leverage position etc.

All this helps us create an accurate picture of the company’s true potential so that informed decisions can be made by investors or other stakeholders involved in any proposed transaction. Whether you’re looking for M&A advice or need assistance with joint venture structuring, Novatia Consulting offers comprehensive support throughout every stage of your project.

Our Approach To Due Diligence

At Novatia Consulting, we offer tailored due diligence services to clients in Nigeria.

Our approach is comprehensive and involves a strategic planning process that assesses the potential risks associated with any venture or partnership.

We provide legal advice as part of our service which can help streamline operations for businesses of all sizes.

Our team has expertise in various areas ranging from finance and accounting to market research.

We take an evidence-based approach which allows us to identify hidden issues quickly and accurately before they become major problems down the road.

Our industry experience helps us uncover important details that are sometimes overlooked during the initial stages of business formation.

This proactive strategy ensures that clients have access to up-to-date information at every step of their journey – providing peace of mind while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations throughout the entire process.

With this approach, Novatia Consulting provides reliable guidance so you can make informed decisions about your future plans with confidence.

Services For M&A Advice

Having discussed our approach to due diligence, we now turn to the services Novatia Consulting offers in relation to M&A advice.

Our team of experienced professionals provides an end-to-end solution for companies seeking merger synergies and tax optimization:

  • Strategy Development – We analyze your current situation and develop a strategy that leverages the strengths of both parties involved. This includes evaluating corporate structure, industry trends, competitive dynamics, shareholder demands, market opportunities, etc.
  • Transaction Design & Execution – After presenting you with a comprehensive action plan tailored to your specific needs, our consultants assist with every step along the way from negotiations to closing deals. Additionally, we provide guidance on financial modeling and complex contract negotiation issues.
  • Post Merger Integration – Once the deal is done, we ensure that all operational aspects are properly aligned between both entities by providing effective integration solutions such as personnel restructuring or organizational changes. Furthermore, we offer ongoing support through additional consulting engagements aimed at helping you achieve long-term business objectives while mitigating risks associated with mergers/acquisitions.

Through this unique combination of expertise and knowledge across multiple disciplines, Novatia Consulting can help you unlock greater value out of any M&A venture in Nigeria.

Whether it’s reaping higher profits or achieving better cost efficiency—we have got you covered!

Joint Venture Structuring

Starting a business venture in Nigeria can be an exciting prospect, but there are several important factors to consider when structuring the deal. At Novatia Consulting, we help clients navigate the complexities of joint venture structuring with our due diligence consulting services.

We understand the importance of understanding tax implications and protecting intellectual property rights when entering into any kind of agreement. When it comes to taxation in Nigeria, individuals and businesses need to pay attention to both federal and state taxes. As such, it is highly recommended that entrepreneurs seek out expert advice on how best to structure their deals for optimal tax minimization. Additionally, applicants must also keep track of all applicable fees associated with setting up a joint venture in order to ensure compliance with local laws.

Furthermore, intellectual property should always remain at the forefront when establishing joint ventures or other corporate entities in Nigeria. It is essential that each partner’s contributions are legally protected from third parties through registered trademarks and copyrights as well as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). These documents will safeguard against potential disputes between partners while ensuring long-term success for the business enterprise.

At Novatia Consulting, our team has extensive experience helping clients develop sound strategies for successful joint ventures within Nigerian borders. Our due diligence experts provide comprehensive support to ensure that all facets of the process – including taxation and IP protection – are taken care of before signing off on any contract or agreement.

Detailed Research Into Industry Sectors

The success of any due diligence consulting services venture in Nigeria is highly dependent on the thoroughness and accuracy of its data-driven research. At Novatia Consulting, we strive to provide our clients with comprehensive analyses that take into account both macroeconomic trends as well as sector-specific details.

Our team takes a multidimensional approach to deep dives into industry sectors, exploring nuances such as:

  1. Supply chain management practices and their implications for risk mitigation;
  2. The effectiveness of market segmentation strategies;
  3. Data security measures taken by businesses operating within the sector; and
  4. Industry regulations impacting competitive landscape dynamics.

We believe this methodical style of sectoral exploration gives us an edge when it comes to delivering insights that can identify opportunities while also highlighting areas where further investigation may be required.

With access to local expertise and technological tools designed specifically for the Nigerian context, Novatia Consulting is equipped to proudly serve our clients’ due diligence needs in all relevant industry spaces.

Analysis Of Financial Information

Novatia Consulting’s financial analysis of Nigeria begins with an in-depth review of the company culture and financial forecasting. We utilize a 3 column, 4 row table to provide a comprehensive overview of the client’s current situation and future prospects. Our process considers such things as income statements, balance sheets, cash flows, capital expenditures, debt levels and any other information deemed relevant.

The first column reviews the past performance of the organization; this includes examining their historical revenue growth rates, margins, profitability and liquidity ratios. The second column takes into account future projections for earnings potential and market trends. This is where our team looks at how management intends to capitalize on opportunities while mitigating risks associated with certain decisions or investments. Lastly, the third column examines the overall financial health of the organization from both short-term and long-term perspectives.

Our due diligence consulting services seek to identify areas that may present challenges moving forward so they can be addressed accordingly before they become major issues later down the road. Through thorough research and careful consideration we are able to deliver an accurate snapshot of both current conditions and future outlooks which allows us to make informed recommendations for improvement across all aspects related to finance.

Regulatory Compliance

At Novatia Consulting, we understand that in Nigeria the regulations and compliance requirements can be difficult to navigate. That’s why our team of experienced consultants is here to help you achieve tax optimization through thorough compliance audits.

We specialize in helping businesses meet their regulatory obligations while taking advantage of all available deductions, credits, and other applicable savings opportunities. Our approach is comprehensive: from researching industry-specific rules and regulations to reviewing current practices for potential areas of improvement or missteps, we strive to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve when it comes to staying compliant with federal, state and local laws.

Our expertise extends beyond taxation too – whether it’s ensuring proper labor law compliance or devising corporate governance policies tailored to fit your needs, we have a proven track record of success. In addition to providing cutting-edge advice on legal matters related to compliance, Novatia Consulting also offers guidance on mitigating risk within your organization.

By leveraging best practices for internal controls as well as identifying any gaps in policy or procedure, our experts provide peace of mind knowing that your company is always up-to-date with its government filings and regulations. With us by your side, you can make sure your operations are running smoothly without worrying about surprises down the road.

Operational Due Diligence

When it comes to operational due diligence, the stakes are high. As a core part of Novatia Consulting’s services in Nigeria, we provide an exhaustive assessment into the operations and processes of any given organization or business.

Our team is highly trained in data security and financial modeling, allowing us to gain insight into potential risks and opportunities so that our clients can make informed decisions.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand how important transparency is when making risk-based investments. That’s why our approach takes into account all aspects of organizational performance – from people management to accounting practices. We then use this information to develop strategies for improvement in order to optimize results both now and in the future.

Through operational due diligence consulting with Novatia Consulting, companies receive an accurate view of their current status as well as a roadmap for success going forward. Our expertise provides assurance that decision makers have access to reliable insights throughout each step of their process.

With valuable guidance from our experienced consultants, businesses in Nigeria are able maximize value while minimizing risk.

Valuation Analysis

Valuation analysis is an important part of due diligence consulting services and Novatia Consulting in Nigeria should not overlook it. We can provide comprehensive insights into the cost control, competitive landscape and help our clients understand the value of their investments.

Here are a few things we look for when evaluating a company’s worth:

  1. Financial Performance – This includes past performance as well as current trends to determine if there are any issues that may affect future growth or profitability.
  2. Market Conditions – Examining market conditions helps us identify potential risks and opportunities related to economic, political, technological, and legal environments.
  3. Industry Analysis – Understanding industry dynamics allows us to assess competition levels, barriers to entry, emerging technologies, customer segmentation, etc., which all play a role in determining how much a company is worth.

With this knowledge, we can provide accurate valuations backed by data-driven insights that will equip you with the information necessary to make informed decisions about your investments.

Transaction Advisory

Novatia Consulting provides transaction advisory services to clients in Nigeria. Our experienced team of professionals can provide guidance on the complex legal and tax implications associated with any business transaction for optimal results.

We are well-versed in the local business environment, familiar with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry practices. We have a deep understanding of the Nigerian legal framework that governs investments both domestic and abroad. This allows us to create strategies to help our clients maximize value within the context of their specific situation.

Our experts will use their extensive experience to ensure your transactions meet required standards while also identifying areas where additional due diligence may be needed. We strive to conduct swift yet thorough analysis so you can be confident your deals are executed properly and efficiently.

Risk Assessments

Novatia Consulting in Nigeria provides due diligence consulting services to its clients. We understand the importance of risk assessments and the need for accurate data security when conducting any type of due diligence.

Our team specializes in providing our clients with detailed, comprehensive risk assessments that meet all of their due diligence requirements. When assessing risks, we take into account a variety of factors including potential liabilities, legal considerations, financial concerns and more.

We also ensure that all necessary measures are taken to protect client information and maintain appropriate levels of data security at all times. Our reports provide detailed descriptions of what is needed to reduce or mitigate identified risks so that our clients can make informed decisions moving forward.

To help ensure success throughout the entire process, Novatia Consulting offers clear guidance on how to best approach risk assessment from start to finish when conducting any kind of due diligence. With our expertise and experience in this field, you can be confident that your project is being handled by professionals who have extensive knowledge about local laws and regulations as well as the latest tools available for conducting effective due diligence research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Experience Does Novatia Consulting Have In Due Diligence Consulting In Nigeria?

Novatia Consulting has extensive experience in due diligence consulting across Nigeria. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from strategy formulation to risk assessment.

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing the best possible solutions for our clients’ needs. With an experienced approach and a wide range of expertise, we are able to assess complex situations quickly and effectively.

Our goal is to provide sound advice backed by detailed research and analysis that will help you make informed decisions about your business objectives.

How Long Does It Typically Take For A Due Diligence Consulting Project To Be Completed?

Due diligence consulting projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity and scope of the risk assessment and data analysis required.

At Novatia Consulting in Nigeria, we typically strive to complete due diligence consulting services within a month for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

We understand that each company has different needs and requirements, so our team takes all aspects into consideration when determining how long it will take for us to finish the job.

Are There Any Additional Costs Associated With Due Diligence Consulting Services?

When it comes to due diligence consulting services, there may be additional costs associated beyond the initial fee.

These can include cost benefits such as reduced overhead or legal implications that need to be explored and determined in order for a project’s success.

It is important to factor these into the overall budget of any due diligence consulting services so that you get the most out of your investment with Novatia Consulting Nigeria.

What Resources Does Novatia Consulting Use When Performing Due Diligence Consulting?

Novatia Consulting utilizes a variety of resources when performing due diligence consulting to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

Our team is well-versed in the legal framework, providing expert analysis and advice on any situation or circumstance.

We also utilize data analysis techniques to gain insight into relevant trends; this helps us develop strategies that are tailored specifically to each client’s needs.

With Novatia Consulting, you can rest assured knowing your due diligence initiatives will be handled with care and accuracy.

Does Novatia Consulting Provide Any Post-Consulting Services To Help With Implementation?

Yes, Novatia Consulting provides post-consulting services to ensure successful implementation of due diligence recommendations.

Our team of experts can provide risk assessment and data analysis advice that will help you make the best decisions for your business.

We understand that proper execution is critical when it comes to ensuring success in any venture, so we strive to offer our clients comprehensive support throughout their journey.


We at Novatia Consulting understand the importance of due diligence consulting in Nigeria and take great pride in providing our clients with a comprehensive service.

Our experienced team offers expertise, resources and post-consulting services to ensure that every project is completed within an agreed timeframe, while staying mindful of any additional costs associated.

We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the results of our due diligence consulting services and look forward to helping your business achieve its goals.

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