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Novatia Consulting is a premier corporate strategy consulting firm based in Nigeria. Our team of experienced consultants provides comprehensive services to help our clients achieve their desired business outcomes.

We specialize in organizational transformation, strategic planning, and risk management solutions tailored to the needs of each client. By leveraging an innovative approach grounded in evidence-based practices, we ensure that our clients receive sound advice and support throughout their journey towards success.

Our core values of integrity, excellence, and collaboration serve as guiding principles for all aspects of our work. At Novatia Consulting, we remain committed to providing exceptional service that meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

With extensive experience working with companies across various industries, we are uniquely positioned to deliver effective guidance on how best to move forward with confidence.

Organizational Transformation

Organizational transformation is a process companies undertake to improve efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness. It involves the alignment of corporate strategy with operational activities, creating an integrated system that delivers on desired objectives while optimizing resources.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand the importance of organizational transformation in driving success and creating sustainable competitive advantage. Our team specializes in helping organizations identify areas for improvement, develop clear strategies and goals tailored to their needs, and implement effective change management practices to ensure successful implementation.

We start by assessing key aspects of the organization’s structure such as talent optimization or process automation opportunities so that our clients are able to maximize value from available resources. Our deep knowledge base allows us to provide actionable insights into how best to optimize operations within any given context.

We guide our clients through every step of the organizational transformation journey – from designing the roadmap for the implementation plan all the way through execution via project tracking systems to measure progress against targets. This ensures that strategic imperatives get implemented correctly and efficiently without causing disruption along the way.

In addition, we offer ongoing monitoring services designed to capture changes occurring during various stages of the transformation process which helps highlight areas requiring further attention or modification so corrective measures can be taken quickly and more effectively. By leveraging our expertise in this area, organizations are better positioned to realize their full potential and maintain long-term success.

Strategic Planning

Organizational transformation involves the integration of activities, processes and operations to ensure a successful transition. Strategic planning is an integral part of this process as it helps organizations develop plans for future growth and success. At Novatia Consulting, we provide our clients with tailored solutions when developing their strategic plans in order to help them maximize the potential of their organization.

When formulating a plan for our clients, we utilize various coaching tools such as interviews, surveys and questionnaires which are used to assess employee performance and behavior. Through data analysis, we can identify areas where improvement needs to be made within the organization; this information allows us to recommend strategies that will enable our client’s business objectives be achieved more efficiently.

We also use scenario-planning techniques to analyze different scenarios so that our clients gain insights on how best to respond or adjust course if needed. In addition, an effective strategy requires proper execution; this means having the right resources available at all times in order for tasks or projects to be completed effectively and on time.

To ensure adequate resource availability, we work with our clients to develop comprehensive staffing models that consider current personnel capabilities as well as recruitment goals. By doing so, they are able to manage workloads effectively while maintaining optimal levels of efficiency throughout their organization.

Once these elements have been established successfully, our team works closely with senior management teams across departments including finance, human resources and sales departments in order create actionable roadmaps towards achieving organizational goals both short term and long-term objectives. This includes assigning responsibility for specific initiatives as well providing guidance on implementation tactics ensuring each project runs smoothly from start until completion.

Risk Management Solutions

Novatia Consulting understands that businesses in Nigeria need a reliable and effective risk management solution. Our team of experts has the experience necessary to provide such a service, utilizing data driven approaches tailored to each organization’s needs. We will work with you to develop cost effective strategies designed to mitigate any potential risks your business may face.

Our solutions are based on careful assessment of current conditions, making sure existing regulations are met while also providing proactive guidance for the future. Our state-of-the-art tools enable us to get an accurate view of operations within the company, allowing our consultants to make informed decisions regarding how best to manage any associated risks.

This information is then used as part of a comprehensive plan that works towards mitigating risks and ensuring all possible scenarios have been considered. We understand that Nigerian businesses operate in a rapidly changing environment, so we take into account both short-term and long-term ramifications when creating our plans.

After collecting sufficient data from various stakeholders, Novatia Consulting can create actionable recommendations which ensure compliance with applicable standards and laws while reducing costs through targeted preventive measures. All this is done without sacrificing safety or quality assurance standards – giving you peace of mind about your risk management strategy.

At Novatia Consulting, we strive to deliver customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. With years of expertise in corporate strategy consulting in Nigeria, our team is well equipped to provide high quality services backed by robust research methods and data analysis capabilities.

Through collaboration and open communication, we aim to help Nigerian organizations realize their goals and protect themselves against potential threats they might encounter along the way.

Innovative Solutions

In the ever-evolving business landscape, risk management solutions are essential for businesses seeking success. Companies must be proactive by anticipating and addressing potential risks before they arise. As such, Novatia Consulting specializes in providing customized solutions to help companies manage their risk portfolios.

Yet a well-rounded strategy also involves innovating as much as mitigating risk. To that end, Novatia Consulting utilizes cutting-edge research and development techniques to identify emerging trends and deliver innovative solutions tailored to each company’s unique needs.

Our team of experienced strategists leverages collaborative strategies to ensure optimal results while ensuring our clients stay competitive within their respective industries.

To maximize effectiveness, we recommend conducting innovation research on an ongoing basis to continuously update products or services according to customer feedback and evolving market conditions. By taking this approach, companies can remain ahead of competitors by introducing new ideas into the market faster than its rivals. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for businesses to test out different approaches on how best serve customers at all levels of engagement with the brand or service offered.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand that innovation is key when driving growth in a dynamic marketplace. We strive to provide comprehensive corporate strategy consulting solutions that encompass both risk management and innovative solutions so that our clients reach maximum potential without compromising stability or security.

Evidence-Based Practices

Evidence-based practices have become essential to corporate strategy consulting in Nigeria. Novatia Consulting uses a variety of data driven insights and competitive analysis techniques to help their clients make informed decisions about their businesses. Our consultants understand that the success or failure of any organization depends on its ability to accurately analyze market conditions, leverage industry trends, assess risk factors, identify opportunities for growth, and create sustainable strategies.

At Novatia Consulting, we use evidence-based practices to provide our clients with actionable solutions that enhance their competitiveness in the Nigerian marketplace. We utilize sophisticated analytical tools such as SWOT (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis, PESTLE (Political Economic Social Technological Legal Environmental) framework modelling, Porter’s Five Forces analysis and more to ensure our recommendations are tailored specifically for each client’s unique situation.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds who bring invaluable expertise in various industries including finance, marketing and operations management. Each consultant at Novatia Consulting has extensive knowledge in strategic planning processes and can provide expert advice on how to better align an organization’s business goals with current market realities.

Novatia Consulting strives to be the premier provider of evidence-based corporate strategy consulting services in Nigeria by providing customised solutions based on meticulous data gathering and thorough research into our client’s needs. With decades of collective experience across multiple sectors, our team is dedicated to helping organizations achieve long-term success through sound decision making rooted in reliable evidence.

Quality And Effectiveness

Evidence-Based Practices have long been a cornerstone of corporate strategy consulting. With the advent of data driven analytics, it is now possible to further refine these practices and make them more cost effective.

Quality and Effectiveness in corporate strategy consulting requires thoughtful consideration of both quantitative and qualitative elements. At Novatia Consulting, we use advanced analytics such as predictive modeling, machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to understand complex interactions between different factors that influence project success or failure rate.

By leveraging this data driven approach, our clients are able to gain deeper insights into their strategies and develop better solutions for their business needs.

In addition to utilizing sophisticated analysis tools, Novatia Consulting also provides guidance on how best to implement quality assurance processes in order to ensure effectiveness from start to finish. Our consultants work closely with clients throughout the entire process – from planning to execution – ensuring that all aspects are addressed thoroughly so that each solution is tailored specifically towards meeting client goals while remaining cost effective.

Novatia Consulting prioritizes evidence-based practices which take into account current industry trends and customer feedback when developing recommendations for our clients. This ensures that only the most successful approaches are recommended resulting in high levels of satisfaction amongst all stakeholders involved in the process.

Cross-Industry Expertise

At Novatia Consulting, our cross-industry expertise is unparalleled in the corporate strategy consulting space. Our approach to understanding and addressing client needs is data driven, process oriented, and technology focused. We are adept at resource allocation and talent acquisition to ensure that all stakeholders involved receive maximum benefit from any project we undertake.

Our experience extends across various industries such as finance, hospitality, transportation, energy, healthcare and more. Due to this vast range of knowledge and capabilities gained through a multitude of projects over the years, we can quickly identify areas where optimization or improvement may be necessary for our clients’ success.

We also possess a deep understanding of financial modeling tools and techniques that allow us to make well-informed strategic decisions based on current market trends. Our ability to integrate qualitative insights with quantitative analysis helps us to develop highly customized solutions tailored specifically for each client’s unique objectives.

By leveraging both the technical skillsets of our team members along with their industry specific insights, Novatia Consulting provides comprehensive services designed for long-term growth. This holistic approach ensures that businesses are able to effectively meet challenges head on while achieving maximum value from every engagement undertaken by our firm.

Strategic Guidance

Given the ever-changing economic landscape, businesses must be agile and adaptive to remain competitive. Novatia Consulting offers strategic guidance tailored to each company’s unique needs.

Our experienced team of professionals offer executive coaching services that provide customized solutions for any size business. We are dedicated to helping clients make informed decisions about their long-term strategies by providing data-driven insights into potential threats or opportunities in their industry.

By taking an individualized approach to consulting, we can ensure that our clients have a greater chance of success when formulating their plans for the future. With this strategy in mind, Novatia stands ready to help companies navigate through difficult times while maximizing profitability and growth potential.

Professional Support

Having established a strong foundation of strategic guidance, it is now important to focus on professional support. Professional support requires the establishment of an efficient and effective team that can execute the strategies set forth. This involves building a cohesive unit with shared goals and values while also optimizing costs associated with personnel and related activities.

The following are strategies that Novatia Consulting recommends when it comes to team building and cost optimization:

  • Establishing clear roles for each team member so everyone knows what is expected of them
  • Developing a culture where collaboration among members is encouraged, leading to more innovative solutions
  • Utilizing technology such as cloud-based software systems to reduce overhead costs and increase efficiency
  • Setting up regular meetings between all stakeholders to ensure progress towards objectives

Team building initiatives should be tailored to meet specific operational needs within the organization. It should include identification of best practices within the industry, implementation of those practices in accordance with existing organizational policies, measurement of results against defined benchmarks and providing feedback based upon those measurements.

Additionally, creating teams that offer different perspectives can result in better decision making by expanding knowledge bases which will ultimately lead to higher performance levels.

Cost optimization requires careful consideration across multiple areas including staffing structure, budget allocation and purchasing decisions. The goal here is not just savings but rather improving overall business efficiencies; this includes finding ways to streamline processes or leveraging resources already available instead of paying extra for new ones.

By evaluating current operations through data analysis techniques organizations can identify opportunities for improvement and make informed decisions about how they can optimize their expenses while maintaining quality service delivery standards.

Commitment To Excellence

Novatia Consulting is committed to excellence in all areas of corporate strategy consulting. Our aim is to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible, and we strive for customer satisfaction as well as employee engagement from start to finish on each project.

We believe that our commitment to excellence has enabled us to stay ahead of the competition, ensuring that our solutions are innovative, tailored and effective. Our team of experienced consultants have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in corporate strategy consulting and this allows them to bring fresh perspectives when tackling complex challenges faced by businesses today. Through rigorous research and analysis they can identify strategic issues quickly and develop practical solutions which lead to success.

This means that clients get timely results with high quality outputs regardless of their sector or size. At Novatia Consulting, the emphasis throughout is on collaboration – between client and consultant, across teams within the firm, externally with partners and suppliers – leading towards successful outcomes for everyone involved.

By using cutting-edge technology combined with a deep understanding of local markets we guarantee an efficient process which delivers maximum value every time. We pride ourselves on being able to provide excellent services at competitive prices while maintaining the highest standards of integrity throughout our operations. Our focus remains firmly on delivering tangible business benefits through creative problem solving so that customers always get the most out of working with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Hiring Novatia Consulting For Corporate Strategy Consulting?

The cost of hiring Novatia Consulting for corporate strategy consulting varies depending on the client’s needs and goals.

Generally speaking, a project may involve scope analysis, business modeling, and other services that require an evaluation of the client’s current state to determine what strategies or solutions should be implemented.

In some instances, due to the complexity of the project, it is necessary to hire multiple consultants which could drive up costs significantly; however, this can help ensure successful outcomes.

How Much Experience Does Novatia Consulting Have In Nigerian Corporate Strategy Consulting?

Novatia Consulting has a wealth of experience in Nigerian corporate strategy consulting, having executed projects across multiple industries and sectors.

Our team is uniquely positioned to provide advice on the most optimal approach to navigating complex team dynamics and understanding Nigeria’s competitive landscape.

With our deep knowledge base of operations spanning more than two decades, we are well-equipped to offer guidance that will help clients develop sound strategies for their business objectives.

What Is The Average Length Of Time It Takes To Complete A Corporate Strategy Consulting Project With Novatia Consulting?

The average length of time it takes to complete a corporate strategy consulting project varies based on the complexity and scope of work, as well as any team dynamics that need to be addressed in order for clients’ objectives to be met.

Novatia Consulting is experienced in delivering projects within tight timelines while still maintaining our quality standards.

Our team takes the time to evaluate each project individually so that we can provide an accurate estimate of how long it will take us to deliver results.

What Types Of Payment Methods Does Novatia Consulting Accept?

Novatia Consulting offers tailored solutions that are designed to ensure long-term success.

In order to make this possible, the company accepts a variety of payment methods from its clients.

These include direct bank transfers, credit card payments and online payments through secure platforms such as PayPal or Stripe.

This ensures that customers have access to an array of options for paying for their corporate strategy consulting services with Novatia Consulting.

Does Novatia Consulting Offer Any Guarantees On The Effectiveness Of Its Corporate Strategy Consulting Services?

Novatia Consulting is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality corporate strategy consulting services. We strongly believe in our ability to deliver effective solutions that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives, which is why we guarantee a successful outcome for every client.

Our team of experienced professionals will use customer feedback, market analysis, and other methods to create tailored strategies that are designed to give you maximum results. By leveraging this expertise and knowledge base, we have achieved success time and again with clients who come back to us due to our proven track record.


Novatia Consulting is a highly experienced corporate strategy consulting firm that offers competitive rates and flexible payment options.

They provide comprehensive services tailored to the specific needs of Nigerian businesses, ensuring their clients get the most out of their consultation sessions.

Novatia also guarantees that their strategies will meet expectations or they will work with the client until satisfactory results are achieved.

For business owners looking for quality corporate strategy advice, Novatia Consulting is an ideal choice.

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