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Novatia Consulting is a leading provider of mergers and acquisitions consulting services in Nigeria. We specialize in providing our clients with comprehensive advice on their transactions, from the initial planning stage through to closing.

Our team of experienced professionals has extensive experience working with Nigerian companies and investors, enabling us to provide specialized insights into the local market dynamics.

We are committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of M&A in Nigeria by leveraging our deep knowledge of the legal, financial and regulatory environment. With our expertise, we can ensure that all aspects of an M&A transaction are properly managed for maximum value creation and success.

Strategic Planning

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) consulting is a rapidly growing field that requires expert knowledge of the corporate landscape. Novatia Consulting specializes in providing strategic planning services to clients across Nigeria. Our team has extensive experience in M&A processes, as well as operational agility that allows us to offer tailored solutions for each unique situation.

Our comprehensive approach includes strategic auditing and risk management. Strategic auditing helps our clients assess their internal resources, capabilities, and objectives before determining an appropriate course of action. Risk management involves assessing current market conditions, identifying potential risks associated with investments or mergers, and developing strategies to mitigate these risks where possible. This helps protect both parties involved from any unforeseen financial harm while also maximizing value creation opportunities.

In addition to our expertise in strategic auditing and risk management, we use cutting-edge technology tools to ensure accuracy in all aspects of the process. We leverage predictive analytics software which enables us to identify patterns within data sets quickly and accurately. This significantly reduces time spent on manual research tasks so that more focus can be placed on making informed decisions based on sound analysis.

At Novatia Consulting, we make sure every client receives personalized service throughout the entire process – from initial assessment through implementation of new strategies – resulting in tangible success stories for each project we undertake. By leveraging our knowledge base along with innovative technologies, we are able to provide superior quality results at competitive rates compared to other consulting firms operating in Nigeria today.

Financial Modeling

Financial modeling is an important element in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process. At Novatia Consulting, we provide expertise in this area to ensure that clients are able to accurately assess their investments before making any decisions.

Our financial modeling services include cost benefit analysis of potential M&As. This means that our experts evaluate all expenditures associated with a merger or acquisition in order to determine whether it will be profitable for the client or not.

In addition, we also conduct risk assessments in order to better understand what kinds of risks may be involved in pursuing a certain transaction.

By leveraging sophisticated software tools, our team can create detailed models which take into account various aspects such as expected cash flows, balance sheet items and more. These models enable us to identify areas where adjustments should be made prior to executing a deal so that our clients have greater confidence when moving forward with their plans.

We strive to deliver value-added insights on each project while ensuring accuracy and timeliness throughout the entire process. Our goal is always to help clients make informed decisions regarding their investments by providing them with reliable data and sound advice based on extensive industry experience.

Negotiation And Deal Structuring

Negotiation and deal structuring are key components of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) consulting. A successful M&A consultant must be an effective negotiator, able to understand the financial implications of the transaction for all parties involved in the process.

In order to ensure a fair deal that maximizes value creation, Novatia Consulting utilizes cost benefit analysis as part of its negotiation strategy. This involves identifying areas where costs can be reduced while also assessing potential sources of increased revenue and/or long-term gains from synergies created by combining two companies.

Novatia Consulting recognizes that when negotiating terms associated with an M&A transaction, it is important to maintain realistic expectations on both sides. The consultants take into account any existing relationships between the merging entities, their respective management teams, and other stakeholders who may influence or have a vested interest in the outcome of negotiations.

By doing so, they create a space for constructive dialogue rather than forcing one side to accept unfavorable conditions due to market dynamics or misaligned interests. The experienced consultants at Novatia Consulting analyze each situation carefully before presenting a plan for how best to structure an M&A deal that benefits all concerned parties.

Their goal is always to identify ways in which value can be generated through the merger – whether this means optimizing cost structures or capitalizing on new opportunities arising from combined resources. They strive to develop win-win solutions that leave all participants feeling satisfied with the outcome while still delivering maximum return on investment over time.

To maximize returns and reduce risk during M&A transactions, Novatia Consulting pays close attention not just to current market trends but also future industry developments and organizational goals like operational efficiency and sustainability initiatives. Through careful consideration and detailed planning, they ensure that every aspect of the agreement meets their clients’ needs now and well into the future.

Due Diligence Services

Due diligence is the process of assessing a potential target company prior to making any investment decision. Novatia Consulting provides comprehensive due diligence services for clients looking to invest in Nigerian companies, ensuring that all relevant risks are identified and managed.

Our approach focuses on market analysis and risk assessment as core components of our service offering. Our team of experienced professionals have extensive knowledge across multiple industries and sectors which allows us to provide accurate assessments of the businesses we evaluate.

We conduct rigorous financial analyses with detailed analysis of financial statements, cash flow forecasting, and other key performance indicators. In addition, we also perform qualitative reviews of legal documents such as contracts or leases along with an evaluation of intangible factors like organizational culture or current operations.

The market analysis component consists of evaluating industry trends and competitor positioning within the sector by identifying areas where value can be added through mergers & acquisitions activities or strategic partnerships. This helps our clients understand the external environment they might be entering into when considering any transactions.

Through our risk assessment process, we identify threats posed by regulatory changes, economic uncertainty or political instability that could impact their investments in Nigeria. Additionally, this includes advising on compliance considerations related to anti-corruption laws and corporate governance standards to ensure compliance with local regulations and best practices.

By leveraging our expertise in these areas, Novatia Consulting strives to help its clients make informed decisions about their investments in Nigeria’s growing economy.

Tax Planning And Advisory

Due diligence services are the cornerstone of any mergers & acquisitions process. Novatia Consulting provides comprehensive due diligence services to facilitate successful transactions and mitigate risk. Our team can assess any target company’s financial, legal and operational information to provide an in-depth analysis on potential risks associated with a transaction.

Tax planning and advisory is another important element of mergers & acquisitions consulting. At Novatia Consulting, we strive to ensure our clients maximize their benefits from tax related decisions throughout the M&A process. We offer cash flow forecasting, risk analysis, compliance review and other tailored solutions that align with each client’s objectives and strategies.

Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to create a custom plan for your organization’s specific needs. Our approach goes beyond traditional methods by leveraging innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimize returns and minimize taxes for our clients.

By using these cutting edge tools, we can develop bespoke solutions that reduce uncertainty during complex transactions while minimizing costs associated with taxation issues. Furthermore, our team has expertise in navigating international tax regulations, enabling us to analyze cross border deals more effectively.

Novatia Consulting strives to make sure our clients understand all the implications of their M&A activities when it comes to taxes so they can confidently pursue their desired outcomes without surprises or unexpected complications along the way. We take pride in providing strategic advice that helps organizations achieve long term success through effective tax management practices whenever applicable.

Legal And Regulatory Advice

The legal and regulatory advice provided by Novatia Consulting is comprehensive, offering clients a full assessment of their risk profile in the Nigerian market. We provide guidance on compliance with local laws and regulations to ensure that our clients are well-positioned for success.

Our team’s expertise comes from years of experience working across multiple sectors in Nigeria, allowing them to identify potential pitfalls before they occur. Our services include:

  • Risk Assessment: A thorough evaluation of the legal landscape to assess any risks involved.
  • Compliance Guidance: Assistance with understanding current legislation, as well as providing strategic advice on how best to approach each situation.
  • Regulatory Monitoring: Ongoing analysis of changes in law or regulation to ensure that our clients remain compliant over time.

Novatia Consulting prides itself on its ability to anticipate potential issues and offer innovative solutions tailored specifically to each client’s needs. Through this process, we strive to give our clients peace of mind regarding their investments, enabling them to focus their attention elsewhere while remaining confident that all aspects related to mergers & acquisitions are managed properly within the context of national law.

In addition, our team also provides insights into best practices when it comes to structuring deals; thus ensuring maximum benefit for both parties at minimal cost.

We believe that sound business decisions come from a complete understanding of the legal requirements imposed upon companies operating in Nigeria—and it is here where Novatia Consulting truly excels. By leveraging our extensive network of contacts and deep sector knowledge, we can help clients navigate the complexities associated with M&A transactions in the region and make informed decisions about their investments.

Post-Merger Integration

Mergers and acquisitions can be complex processes, but successful acquisition strategies often require a specific post-merger integration plan to ensure success. At Novatia Consulting, we understand the importance of a well-thought out integration strategy that takes into account both organizational cultural alignment and financial goals.

We specialize in developing comprehensive plans for our clients as they move through the process of merging or acquiring another organization. Our team has experience with many different types of mergers, including international ones which require careful consideration of cultural differences between organizations. We focus on creating an effective transition by taking all relevant factors into account such as technology, finance, legal issues and human resources management.

Integration strategies involve more than just combining two companies’ systems; it also requires thoughtful planning about how to bring together two different cultures and create a cohesive working environment where employees from both sides feel like valued members of the same team. To achieve this goal, Novatia Consulting works closely with our clients to develop customized solutions based on their unique set of needs and objectives.

In order to maximize efficiency during post-merger integration, we believe in fostering ongoing communication between the two parties involved in the transaction: managers need to be able to identify potential problems before they become costly mistakes and remain aware of any changes in business climate or regulations that may affect either party’s operations moving forward.

Additionally, we recommend strong leadership within each department so decisions are made effectively and quickly without unnecessary delays. All these steps help ensure a smooth transition period while maintaining high levels of productivity throughout the entire process.

Change Management

Change management is a critical component of successful mergers and acquisitions in the Nigerian market. It requires organizations to go beyond considering financial methods of assessing risk, and includes an examination of cultural transition during restructuring.

At Novatia Consulting, we are well-versed in analyzing change management processes that can mitigate potential risks associated with M&A transactions. Our consultants understand how important it is to identify the cultural elements that need to be addressed when evaluating any M&A venture.

We use our expertise in managing organizational changes to devise strategies for developing trust between stakeholders within a new unified organization structure. Our team has developed specific protocols for assessing both quantitative and qualitative aspects of culture transitions, including its impact on people, process and technology initiatives.

We also have experience working with clients from different industries who are undergoing various forms of reorganization due to merger or acquisition activities. This enables us to accurately assess the nature and scope of transformations needed based on individual circumstances.

Our approach involves understanding existing structures, identifying gaps, creating action plans for improving risk assessment practices, as well as implementing measures for mitigating foreseeable issues along the way.

By leveraging our insights into change management dynamics, Novatia Consulting helps ensure smooth integration following an M&A transaction while minimizing disruption caused by cultural differences within newly formed entities. As such, we provide valuable support throughout each stage of the transformation process so that clients can successfully complete their objectives without major incident or delay.

Exit Strategies

When going through a merger & acquisition process, it is important to have an effective exit strategy in place. Exit planning allows the company involved to prepare for any potential risks that may arise when merging with another business entity.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand the importance of having an appropriate and well-thought out exit plan that has been tailored to fit each specific case. Our team will provide guidance on how best to approach different aspects of the M&A process such as operational optimization and financial analysis.

Furthermore, our experts can assist clients with developing comprehensive exit strategies that include strategic options such as divestiture or liquidation points. We also analyze market trends and leverage our industry experience to help identify key opportunities for maximizing value during negotiations.

Novatia’s goal is to ensure that companies are able to successfully navigate mergers and acquisitions while minimizing their risk exposure. Our team works closely with client executives throughout the entire M&A process from initial due diligence all the way until integration is complete.

We offer customized solutions based on your individual needs so you can be assured you have taken into account all possible scenarios before proceeding further with your transaction plans. We believe that proper preparation leads to successful outcomes which is why we strive to be proactive in providing advice about exit strategies as soon as possible after engaging a new client.

Our consultants provide informed insights about potential pitfalls associated with various types of transactions along with cost saving measures and other creative solutions designed specifically for each situation at hand.


Accurately assessing the value of a company is essential when considering mergers and acquisitions. Valuations are complex processes that involve numerous variables, from revenue streams to cost projections, which must be considered in order for an accurate assessment to be made.

At Novatia Consulting, we strive for the utmost precision in our valuations by utilizing pricing analysis techniques and performing detailed cost projections on each individual asset within a portfolio or business unit. The expertise of our team combined with our rigorous evaluation methodologies have enabled us to provide precise calculations on fair market values and future opportunities.

We take into account factors such as current trends in the industry, customer base composition, internal management structure and financial data – all while keeping compliance regulations top-of-mind. Our specialized approach allows clients to make informed decisions based on reliable assessments of their assets’ worth.

We understand that risk management is a major factor when making any kind of transaction involving capital investments. For this reason, it is important that companies receive sound advice from experienced professionals who can help them identify potential risks early enough so they may be properly addressed before entering into any agreement or contract.

As part of our due diligence process, we conduct comprehensive reviews of all related documents prior to providing valuation services in order to ensure accuracy and avoid costly mistakes down the line.

At Novatia Consulting, we pride ourselves on delivering timely solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client’s project requirements. With extensive knowledge in mergers & acquisitions consulting coupled with innovative approaches towards valuation strategies, our team will assist you every step of the way during your next M&A venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Experience Of Novatia Consulting With Mergers And Acquisitions In Nigeria?

Novatia Consulting is an experienced mergers and acquisitions consulting firm with a long history of successful projects in Nigeria.

The team at Novatia has expertise in assessing the cost benefit, legal implications, and potential risks associated with any merger or acquisition project.

They are also adept at creating strategies to maximize returns while minimizing liabilities.

Their experience has enabled them to advise on multiple deals that have had positive outcomes for all parties involved.

What Is The Typical Timeline For A Merger And Acquisition Consulting Project?

The typical timeline for a successful merger and acquisition consulting project can vary depending on the size of the company, but typically involves several stages.

These include due diligence to assess both companies’ assets and liabilities, value creation through an analysis of potential synergies between the two entities, negotiation and agreement-making, and finally implementation of the newly formed corporate entity.

In general, it usually takes six to nine months from start to finish; however, this can be extended if negotiations become more complex or lengthy.

What Are The Key Risks To Consider When Evaluating A Potential Merger Or Acquisition?

When evaluating a potential merger or acquisition, there are several key risks to consider.

The most important is due diligence; it is essential that both parties have an accurate understanding of financial information and the legal framework in which they will be operating, as well as any liabilities that may exist prior to signing the formal agreement.

It is also important to factor in external economic conditions, including inflation, market volatility and political stability.

Lastly, cultural differences should be taken into account when assessing whether the two businesses can work together effectively once the deal has been completed.

How Does Novatia Consulting Ensure Confidentiality During The Merger And Acquisition Process?

Novatia Consulting ensures confidentiality during the merger and acquisition process by maintaining integrity control over confidential client information.

This is achieved through rigorous due diligence of all internal systems, processes, procedures, tools and protocols to ensure they adhere to industry standards.

Additionally, Novatia maintains strict security protocols when exchanging data between clients and external advisors in order to protect any sensitive or proprietary information shared throughout the entire M&A lifecycle.

How Does Novatia Consulting Ensure A Successful Post-Merger Integration?

Novatia Consulting is highly experienced in ensuring a successful post-merger integration. We focus on two primary areas to ensure cultural synergy and financial analysis.

To begin, Novatia Consulting strives to work with both companies during the merger process so that all stakeholders feel comfortable and informed about their roles within the new company.

Additionally, we use our extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions consulting to analyze any potential financial implications of the newly formed entity.

With these approaches, Novatia Consulting has helped many clients successfully integrate after their merger process.


Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes, requiring a high level of expertise to ensure success.

Novatia Consulting has extensive experience in this field in Nigeria, with the ability to guide clients through each step of the process from initial evaluation and due diligence right through to post-merger integration.

Utilising its deep understanding of legal, financial, and operational considerations for successful M&A transactions, Novatia Consulting provides an invaluable service that helps businesses achieve their goals.

With its rigorous approach, confidentiality measures, and unparalleled knowledge base, it is no wonder that more companies turn to Novatia Consulting when considering mergers and acquisitions opportunities in Nigeria.

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