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Novatia Consulting is a marketing strategy consulting firm based in Nigeria. We specialize in providing comprehensive and tailored services to businesses, organizations and individuals looking for innovative and effective solutions to their marketing challenges.

Our team of professionals have extensive experience and knowledge that enable us to develop customized strategies to meet our clients’ needs. Our expertise covers all aspects of the marketing process – from market research and analysis through branding, advertising, digital media and public relations – ensuring that our clients are able to reach their target audiences with maximum efficacy.

Furthermore, we provide ongoing support throughout the implementation phase so as to ensure that our client’s objectives are achieved, enabling them to maximize ROI on any investment made.

Market Research And Analysis

At Novatia Consulting, we understand the importance of market research and analysis for businesses operating in Nigeria. We are committed to tailoring our services to meet your individual needs and provide you with insights into consumer trends that will inform your marketing strategy.

Our team has extensive experience conducting comprehensive competitive analysis within a variety of markets in Nigeria. From examining current offerings from competitors to identifying potential areas of opportunity, our experienced analysts have the skills needed to arm you with the data necessary to make informed decisions.

We also specialize in crafting strategies utilizing demographic segmentation techniques. Our deep understanding of Nigerian consumers allows us to effectively target customer segments based on factors such as age, gender, income level, or location. This type of granular targeting can help optimize ROI through an efficient use of resources which can drive brand visibility and loyalty amongst key demographics.

To ensure accurate data collection and interpretation, we employ various methods including surveys and interviews with industry professionals, focus groups with customers, observation studies in retail outlets, A/B testing campaigns on digital channels, and more.

By leveraging multiple sources of information from diverse stakeholders across industries in Nigeria, Novatia Consulting is able to develop actionable recommendations applicable for any business regardless size or sector.


Having conducted thorough market research and analysis, the next step of developing a successful marketing strategy for Novatia Consulting in Nigeria is to focus on branding.

Branding consists of many elements such as logo design, slogan development, colour palette choice, etc. It also involves understanding the target audience and creating an identity that appeals to them.

Audience segmentation plays a pivotal role in identifying the wants and needs of different groups within the audience so that you can create appropriate messaging that resonates with each one. Additionally, it helps tailor campaigns so they are more effective in reaching specific segments.

Once the branding process is complete, it’s important to conduct competitive analysis to understand how your brand stands out against others in its industry. This includes examining what competitors are offering, their pricing strategies, positioning tactics and overall marketplace presence.

Competitive analysis allows businesses to identify areas where they could differentiate themselves from rivals by recognizing opportunities or gaps in the market which give them an advantage over their competition.

It is essential to remain agile when implementing changes based on insights drawn from competitive analysis as customer preferences evolve quickly due to rapidly changing technology and lifestyles. Therefore, companies must always be prepared for shifts in markets conditions by constantly monitoring trends within their industry and staying up-to-date with emerging technologies – this will allow them stay ahead of their competition while still providing quality products and services that meet customer expectations at every touchpoint.

To ensure success through these processes it is vital for brands to build loyalty amongst customers through strong relationships based on trust and integrity. By consistently delivering high standards of excellence across all aspects of business operations – from product delivery timeframes to after sales service – Novatia Consulting can solidify itself as a leader both now and into the future; setting new benchmarks in terms of customer experience throughout Nigeria’s dynamic marketplace environment.


Advertising is an important element of any successful marketing strategy. Therefore, at Novatia Consulting we understand the importance of creating effective campaigns that reach target audiences and maximize return on investment (ROI).

We develop customized advertising strategies for our clients by analyzing industry trends, customer data, market dynamics, competitors’ activities and more to create custom messaging tailored to their unique needs.

We specialize in a variety of digital media buying tactics such as display ads, search engine optimization (SEO), paid social media campaigns, content creation and more. Our team will work with you to ensure your message reaches the right people while staying within budget.

This involves conducting research into ideal demographics based on your product or service offerings to identify the best channels through which to advertise. Additionally, we support customers with comprehensive metrics reports so they can track progress throughout the campaign and make necessary adjustments when needed.

At Novatia Consulting, we are committed to delivering targeted ad campaigns that align with our client’s business objectives and meet their ROI expectations. By leveraging our extensive network of resources including creative professionals and third-party vendors who specialize in various forms of traditional media buying along with emerging technologies like programmatic platforms–we guarantee maximum impact from every dollar spent by ensuring advertisement placement in front of relevant audiences across multiple channels.

Our services also include ongoing monitoring & evaluation of all campaigns post launch to measure performance against goals set prior to each execution phase. Utilizing advanced analytics tools allows us to continuously refine messages based upon consumer behavior insights gathered from real-time campaign measurement results over time; thus enabling us to adjust budgets accordingly for optimal ROI outcomes.

All this helps our clients stay ahead of the competition by providing them with strategic insight into how their campaigns are performing compared with those executed by other players in the same space within Nigeria’s marketplace landscape.

Digital Media

Digital media is a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase their market reach and consumer engagement. Novatia Consulting believes in the power of digital media, which includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. We offer services that help our clients build an online presence through these channels by creating effective content strategies tailored to their target demographic. Through our expertise in marketing strategy consulting we can also provide guidance on how to effectively utilize digital media tools like search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics.

The following bullet points will further explain the value of digital media:

  • Utilizing social media gives brands direct access to customers and potential customers
  • Content creation helps establish a brand’s identity with users
  • Social listening allows companies to gain insight into customer sentiment
  • SEO ensures your website appears higher in organic search results
  • Analytics provides valuable data that can be used to improve campaigns

Novatia Consulting understands the importance of having an effective digital media strategy and offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of it. Our team has years of experience helping organizations grow their online presence and create successful campaigns that engage consumers throughout their journey. By leveraging our knowledge in marketing strategy consulting we are able to develop customized solutions tailored specifically for each client’s needs. With this approach, our clients have been able to maximize their return on investment from their digital media efforts while achieving desired outcomes from both short term objectives and long term goals.

Public Relations

As a marketing strategy consultant in Nigeria, Novatia Consulting works with clients to ensure their public relations (PR) needs are met. PR is an integral part of any business as it ensures that the company’s image and mission remain consistent across all its platforms. It also serves as a way to build relationships between the company and stakeholders such as investors, customers, media outlets, and other key players.

The following table outlines how effective public relations can be used by Novatia Consulting for our clients:

Media RelationsCrisis Management
Building relationships with media outlets and journalists; managing press releases; creating thought-leadership pieces about client’s industry or sector; providing interviews with executives on behalf of clients.Developing crisis communication plans; responding quickly when faced with negative publicity; engaging stakeholders during times of crisis; communicating clearly what steps have been taken to rectify a situation.

It is essential that companies engage in proactive PR efforts rather than reactive ones. By staying ahead of potential issues, they will be better prepared if something arises unexpectedly. Novatia Consulting provides guidance on managing both types of situations so that no matter what happens, the right message is delivered at the right time. Additionally, we provide training sessions to help maximize effectiveness when engaging in public relations activities like media events and conferences.

Ultimately, proper public relations management helps organizations stay competitive on multiple fronts – whether it is building trust amongst employees or increasing visibility among potential customers and partners – while positioning them as leaders within their respective industries. With these insights from Novatia Consulting, your organization can confidently tackle whatever challenge comes its way without compromising its reputation or values.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning plays a vital role in the success of any marketing strategy. It involves assessing the current situation, analysing customer needs and preferences, setting goals for future growth and development, as well as measuring performance against these targets.

At Novatia Consulting, our approach to strategic planning is grounded in creative ideation and customer engagement. We bring together experts from various industries who can use their knowledge and experience to brainstorm solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique business objectives.

We then conduct market research to identify potential markets and develop strategies that will help you reach them effectively. Through this process, we also assess your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses so that you can gain an edge over them in terms of product offering or pricing.

Once we have gathered all the necessary information about your target audience, industry trends and consumer behaviour, it is time to determine how best to achieve your desired outcomes. This includes creating detailed plans outlining steps needed to achieve those goals within set timelines.

Our team can guide you through every step of this process by providing strategic advice on topics such as product design, promotional tactics or distribution channels.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand that effective execution of your marketing plan requires tracking progress at regular intervals in order to make adjustments as required along the way. Therefore we provide ongoing support throughout the entire project lifecycle — from initial concept development right through to implementation and evaluation — ensuring maximum success for all our clients’ campaigns.

Campaign Management

Once a strategic plan has been established, campaign management is the next step in executing a successful marketing strategy. At Novatia Consulting, we have developed effective methods to ensure the success of campaigns based on our clients’ objectives.

Our focus is to design campaigns that are cost-effective and can be measured for effectiveness. Our team of experts use their expertise in various channels such as social media platforms, influencers and product placement strategies to create impactful campaigns tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. We also provide detailed analysis reports so our clients can track progress along with metrics such as reach and engagement rates which are used as indicators of success for these campaigns. Additionally, creative ideas from our team help ensure engaging content which resonates with target audiences and potential customers.

In order to maximize ROI for all types of campaigns, at Novatia Consulting we strive to optimize digital advertising opportunities by leveraging data analytics insights across multiple platforms. This helps us understand how different demographics interact with each other online and identify promising new markets or segments where advertising budgets may yield higher returns than expected.

By using this approach, we stay ahead of trends while efficiently managing resources allocated towards advertising activities. By combining research findings with innovative techniques, Novatia Consulting offers comprehensive solutions tailored toward achieving specific outcomes through effective campaign management practices.

Based on our experience working with numerous brands in Nigeria over the years, we guarantee results that exceed expectations within given timelines and budget constraints.

Implementation And Execution

When it comes to implementation and execution of a marketing strategy, cost optimization is essential. As such, Novatia Consulting will provide the following:

  1. A comprehensive plan that outlines costs associated with launching campaigns as well as strategies for minimizing those expenses;
  2. Strategies to help maximize customer engagement through creative tactics like using targeted ads or special offers;
  3. Methods for tracking progress in order to measure success and identify areas for improvement.

Successful implementation of a marketing strategy requires an experienced eye on budgeting and resource allocation. Our team has extensive expertise in both evaluating existing plans and creating new ones that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients’ business objectives.

We can provide detailed guidance on how best to allocate resources across multiple channels while still staying within your budget parameters. In addition, we can assist you in developing effective customer engagement initiatives that leverage digital technology and personalization capabilities.

By utilizing data-driven insights, we can create customized experiences that build relationships with target audiences and encourage repeat purchases over time. With our strategic approach to execution, you’ll be able to increase sales while reducing operational costs at the same time.

Monitoring And Evaluation

The process of monitoring and evaluation is a critical component to any marketing strategy. At Novatia Consulting, our approach to this phase starts with gathering feedback from clients in order to identify areas that need improvement and gain insights into customer segmentation.

We then use the data collected to create an actionable plan for optimizing campaigns based on client needs. We take a comprehensive view when it comes to evaluating current strategies, taking into consideration all elements at play including market trends, competitor analysis and customer preferences.

This helps us understand how we can best adjust tactics so that they remain effective while also staying up-to-date with evolving industry standards. Additionally, our team uses analytics tools such as A/B testing to continuously measure progress and determine what changes are needed for continued success.

Client feedback remains one of the most important sources of information during this stage, allowing us to better understand their wants and needs, along with any challenges or opportunities that may exist. From there, we apply customer segmentation techniques such as demographic profiling and psychographic targeting in order to personalize content towards specific groups within the target audience.

This ensures maximum efficiency in delivery by creating messages designed specifically for each group’s interests. Novatia Consulting takes pride in delivering tailored solutions through careful monitoring and evaluation of existing strategies. Our experts make sure that no detail goes unnoticed throughout the process, leaving clients feeling confident about their future endeavors knowing they have chosen a partner focused on achieving desired results efficiently and effectively without compromising quality or integrity.

Post-Campaign Support

At Novatia Consulting, we understand the importance of post-campaign support and are committed to providing our clients with effective tactics to ensure maximum success. Our team is well-equipped in creating a comprehensive plan that can be implemented immediately after the campaign ends.

We will analyze social media metrics to identify areas where performance could be improved upon, as well as track customer feedback on influencer marketing initiatives. This data allows us to develop an assessment of how successful each element was, so it can be tailored for future campaigns if needed.

Additionally, we will provide insights into what competitors are doing in the market that may affect your overall strategy. Our goal is to help you maintain visibility through continuous monitoring and optimization.

We offer services such as:

  • Analyzing and adjusting strategies based on competitor activity
  • Monitoring trends related to target audiences
  • Creating content customized for social media platforms

These services allow us to stay ahead of current industry standards and recommend adjustments when necessary, allowing you to remain competitive in your field while achieving your desired results.

By implementing these post-campaign support measures, we aim to exceed expectations for our clients’ campaigns with greater brand recognition and higher ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Marketing Strategy Consulting Cost In Nigeria?

The cost of marketing strategy consulting in Nigeria depends on the scope and complexity of the project.

Branding strategies, digital marketing campaigns and other services can have a wide range of associated costs depending on the size and type of business.

Novatia Consulting provides tailored packages to meet any budget, ensuring that clients receive high quality services at an affordable price.

What Is The Timeline For The Implementation Of A Marketing Strategy Consulting Project?

The timeline for the implementation of a marketing strategy consulting project depends on several factors, such as data-driven insights, branding strategies and stakeholder objectives. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to develop an effective marketing plan that achieves desired goals.

A successful implementation process involves conducting research, setting measurable targets, analyzing customer feedback and implementing changes over time.

It’s important to note that timelines may vary depending on the specific needs and resources available in each case.

What Is The Process For Working With Novatia Consulting?

When working with Novatia Consulting, the process begins by assessing industry trends and customer insights.

This includes studying current market conditions to evaluate how best to develop a marketing strategy tailored for each unique client’s needs.

The consultant then develops a plan to implement the strategy in phases over an agreed-upon timeline.

Once approved, the implementation phase of the project is launched and monitored closely until completion.

What Other Services Does Novatia Consulting Offer?

Novatia Consulting offers services beyond marketing strategy consulting.

They provide expertise in social media and content creation, two key components of a successful digital presence.

Their team is experienced in creating plans to engage audiences through both owned and earned channels, as well as developing effective strategies for increasing website traffic.

Novatia also provides custom reporting and analytics to measure the success of their efforts, allowing clients to track performance over time.

Are There Any Guarantees Of Success With The Marketing Strategy Consulting Process?

The marketing strategy consulting process does not guarantee success, however with the right data analysis and return on investment (ROI) strategies, there is a higher likelihood of achieving desired objectives.

A marketing consultant can help develop an action plan that includes ROI strategies to increase the chance for successful results.

This is why it’s important to choose a reputable consulting firm who understands your business needs so they can craft custom tailored solutions that are most likely to lead to positive outcomes.


Novatia Consulting understands that the success of any marketing strategy depends on its ability to meet the specific needs and objectives of a business in Nigeria. As such, we provide clients with an individualized approach to ensure that their desired results are achieved.

Our team is highly experienced in developing tailored solutions for our clients based on their unique context. We also guarantee successful outcomes through regular follow-up meetings and feedback sessions.

At Novatia Consulting, we strive to give businesses in Nigeria the best possible chance at success through our comprehensive range of services including market research, competitive analysis, digital marketing strategy formulation and implementation, content creation and website optimization.

With us by your side, you can be sure that your business will have all the necessary tools required to reach its full potential.

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