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Novatia Consulting is a regulatory strategy and compliance consulting firm based in Nigeria. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, professional services that will help our clients to comply with applicable laws and regulations while also achieving their business objectives.

Novatia Consulting offers expertise in the areas of legal, finance, accounting, corporate governance and risk management. We strive to assist our clients by providing them with practical solutions tailored to their individual needs.

With years of experience in the industry, we have developed an extensive network of contacts within both public and private sectors who can support us in delivering results for our clients.

Corporate Governance

The concept of Corporate Governance has been a key element in the management and operations of companies for many years. It encompasses a wide range of topics, such as the roles and responsibilities of directors, the role of stakeholders in decision-making, transparency within organizations, corporate culture, data protection laws and regulations, risk management frameworks, leadership development strategies and more.

In Nigeria specifically, there is an urgent need to strengthen corporate governance systems due to weak enforcement mechanisms and ineffective compliance processes that have led to financial losses and other damages. In order to mitigate risks associated with non-compliance, it is essential for companies to ensure they are aware of their obligations under Nigerian law.

This requires comprehensive knowledge on relevant legislation including but not limited to data privacy laws, anti-corruption regulations and labour standards. Organizations must also focus on developing strong internal structures such as implementing clear policies outlining expected ethical behaviour from employees.

Additionally, effective communication channels should be established between different departments within the company so that everyone remains informed about changes in regulations or any new issues that arise. Furthermore, fostering a corporate culture based upon respect for individuals throughout all levels will help maintain a cohesive work environment where people can collaborate effectively towards common goals.

It is important for businesses operating in Nigeria to prioritize corporate governance initiatives if they want to remain competitive while avoiding potential legal pitfalls. Companies who neglect this area could face significant damage both economically and reputationally which may take considerable time and resources to recover from.

Financial Compliance

Nigeria’s financial compliance sector is an ever-evolving landscape of regulations and standards. It is important for organizations to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest developments in order to remain compliant.

Novatia Consulting offers a range of services related to audit preparation, due diligence and other aspects of financial compliance. Our team has extensive experience in the field, offering comprehensive advice that takes into account current laws and regulations as well as industry best practices. We have worked with many different stakeholders including banks, auditors, regulators and investors – all of whom require detailed information on organizational structures, operations and performance metrics. Our expertise allows us to provide clients with tailored solutions which meet their specific needs.

At Novatia Consulting we understand the importance of staying informed about changes within the regulatory environment; therefore our experienced professionals monitor relevant updates regularly so that our clients remain ahead of any potential risks or issues. Additionally, our due diligence process enables companies to identify areas where improvements can be made before audits take place – thus minimizing potential non-compliance penalties.

We strive to ensure that corporations adhere to appropriate rules and guidelines throughout every stage of their business cycle – from formation through dissolution if necessary – by providing reliable guidance at each step along this journey. This ensures that organizations maintain efficient internal controls while also meeting external expectations from stakeholders such as shareholders, creditors or government bodies.

By entrusting Novatia Consulting with your organization’s regulatory strategy & compliance requirements you will benefit from cost effective support backed by experience and knowledge within Nigeria’s financial compliance sector.

Risk Management

Having established a comprehensive financial compliance framework, it is essential to consider risk management. Risk assessment and data security are key components of this endeavor.

Data security involves the ability to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or manipulation. This must be achieved through sophisticated technologies as well as advanced protocols designed specifically for regulatory compliance purposes. On the other hand, risk assessment requires an analysis of potential risks that could have adverse effects on business operations. It should identify any areas in which organizational policies may need to be modified in order to mitigate those risks.

Additionally, organizations should develop processes and procedures for ensuring their ongoing compliance with applicable regulations and standards. It is important for organizations to implement effective measures when dealing with data security issues such as identity theft and online fraud prevention.

For example, encryption technology can help protect confidential data from being exposed to external threats like hackers or viruses. Organizations should also establish secure authentication methods for verifying user identities and passwords before allowing them access to protected systems. Furthermore, having anti-malware software installed on all computers connected to the network will help safeguard against malicious programs that attempt to compromise system integrity or steal sensitive information.

Organizations should also regularly assess their risk profiles by performing detailed analyses that take into account both internal and external factors affecting their operations. Internal factors include employee actions, changes in markets or customer behaviors, technological advancements, etc., while external factors involve changes in legislation, economic conditions, competitor’s activities, etc.. Each factor needs consideration so that appropriate steps can be taken to reduce associated risks and maintain organizational objectives within acceptable levels of uncertainty.

Furthermore, organizations should track these assessments over time in order to monitor changing conditions that may affect performance outcomes and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

Overall, successful implementation of sound risk management strategies relies heavily on accurate identification of potential vulnerabilities and proper interpretation of current market trends across various industries where an organization operates; thus providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making processes going forward. Such knowledge allows businesses to guard themselves against unexpected losses caused by unforeseen events or unanticipated shifts in market dynamics along with keeping up with ever-changing regulatory requirements aimed at establishing compliant operational environments within respective industries worldwide.

Tax Compliance

Tax compliance is a critical component of any business operating in Nigeria. In light of this, Novatia Consulting provides comprehensive regulatory strategy and compliance consulting services to ensure that businesses are compliant with applicable Nigerian tax laws and regulations.

Our team of experienced analysts has the necessary skills and knowledge to assist our clients in achieving their goals while adhering to all relevant tax compliance requirements. In order to effectively meet these demands, we offer a variety of services ranging from staff training on taxation matters, data privacy assessment and advice related to information security management systems (ISMS).

We also provide support for drafting documents including tax returns, filing applications and preparing other financial statements as needed by the client. Furthermore, our team can provide guidance regarding potential areas of risk associated with non-compliance or inadequate understanding of local taxation laws.

Furthermore, Novatia Consulting takes into account international standards when providing its clients with assurance and advice concerning their obligations under Nigerian law. We have access to resources such as the International Monetary Fund’s Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) which helps us determine best practices for fiscal policy development.

Through this program we can provide tailored solutions that address specific challenges faced by individual organizations in different sectors across Nigeria. Novatia Consulting has established itself as a preferred provider for regulatory strategy & compliance consulting services in Nigeria due to our strong commitment towards supporting clients through sound application of legal principles and practical experience derived from working within various industries.

As part of our approach, we strive to maintain an open dialogue with stakeholders so they understand how changes in legislation or regulation may affect them and take appropriate action if required.

Anti-Money Laundering

From the perspective of regulatory strategy & compliance consulting in Nigeria, tax compliance is a critical aspect of financial and operational management. However, it is also important to consider other factors related to financial security such as anti-money laundering (AML) practices.

To ensure that all activities are compliant with regulations and adhere to best practices, organizations must implement AML policies and procedures. Novatia Consulting can provide expert advice on how to structure an effective AML program for any organization based in Nigeria or operating within the Nigerian market. This includes understanding the requirements set forth by regulators in order to effectively address risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing. Additionally, we offer guidance on how to develop strategies for successful implementation of organizational policies designed to prevent illicit activity from taking place.

Another key component of our services involves providing clients with information about current trends in fraud prevention and data privacy measures. We work closely with our customers to evaluate their existing anti-fraud strategies and identify areas where better solutions may be needed.

In addition, Novatia Consulting offers resources which enable companies to stay up-to-date on developments in data privacy laws both locally and internationally so they can properly protect customer information while remaining compliant with regulations. Overall, Novatia Consulting strives to help businesses understand all aspects of risk mitigation related to financial transactions, including those posed by money laundering schemes and cybercrime threats.

As part of this effort, we provide comprehensive support when creating AML programs tailored specifically for each client’s unique needs so that they can confidently navigate today’s volatile economic environment without sacrificing legal compliance or ethical standards.

Regulatory Compliance

Novatia Consulting is committed to helping companies in Nigeria stay compliant with all applicable regulations. Our team of experienced regulatory strategy and compliance consultants develop tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each company, allowing them to remain profitable while staying on top of compliance issues.

One way we help our clients is through providing comprehensive audits of their existing compliance systems. These audits are designed to identify any gaps between their operations and the current laws so they can be quickly addressed. We also provide guidance on how best to design new processes or procedures that ensure ongoing compliance into the future. Additionally, this process helps identify areas where greater efficiency could be achieved.

Data protection is another key component of regulatory compliance for companies operating in Nigeria. Novatia Consulting provides strategies and advice on safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring it remains secure at all times. This includes policies surrounding data access, encryption techniques, and other measures intended to protect customer privacy.

Finally, our team works closely with our clients’ IT departments to ensure all necessary security protocols are implemented correctly, including regular updates as needed when new threats emerge or changes occur in the law requiring additional safeguards. With these measures in place, businesses can rest assured knowing their data is safe from malicious actors seeking to exploit weaknesses in their system for personal gain.

Regulatory Reporting

Having established a comprehensive regulatory compliance framework, organizations must now turn to the equally important task of regulatory reporting. Regulatory reporting is a critical component of any successful compliance program as it allows organizations to demonstrate their commitment to meeting applicable regulations and laws.

By providing regulators with accurate, up-to-date information on an organization’s activities, they are able to easily track progress towards achieving mandated goals.

The process of regulatory reporting begins by identifying relevant data points that must be tracked and reported on in order to meet applicable requirements. This includes both internal and external sources such as customer databases, financial records, transaction logs, etc.

Once identified, organizations can employ various tools such as automated systems or manual methods for collecting this data in an organized fashion which can then be used for generating reports. Additionally, organizations should take steps to ensure that this data remains secure throughout the process by implementing robust data security measures like encryption and regular auditing processes for compliance purposes.

In order to generate meaningful insights from these reports, organizations may also need to engage third-party experts who specialize in processing and analyzing large volumes of complex data sets into useful formats. These professionals provide valuable insight into how organizational performance compares against industry standards or legal requirements so that corrective actions can be taken when needed.

Furthermore, they can help identify potential areas where additional resources might be required in order to remain compliant over time.

Lastly, having an effective system in place for managing regulatory reporting ensures that all stakeholders have access to timely updates about organizational performance while reducing the risk of noncompliance penalties due to incomplete or inaccurate filings. As a result, companies can focus more attention on other aspects of their business knowing that proper tracking and oversight will occur even if changes occur within existing regulation frameworks down the line.

Business Process Consulting

Business process consulting is the development and implementation of strategies to improve operational efficiency and resource allocation. This type of consulting focuses on identifying current workflow processes, analyzing their effectiveness, developing action plans for improvement, and then implementing those changes.

At Novatia Consulting, we specialize in helping businesses realize significant cost savings and improved performance through effective business process optimization. Our team of expert consultants works with clients to identify areas for improvement such as streamlining operations, reducing redundancy, improving customer service levels, optimizing resources usage and talent management.

Our experienced team uses advanced tools like data analytics and predictive modeling to assess existing workflows and develop solutions that are tailored to each client’s individual needs. We also provide training so that employees can understand how any proposed changes will impact them directly.

We strive to create a collaborative partnership with our clients by understanding their unique challenges before proposing solutions or recommending best practices. Our goal is always to ensure that any recommended improvements yield tangible benefits while maintaining compliance with industry regulations and standards. To this end, we offer ongoing support after implementation of new systems or processes; providing advice on continuous monitoring, troubleshooting issues and adjusting solutions accordingly when needed.

Novatia Consulting believes that collaboration between all stakeholders is key to successful business process optimization projects: from top-level executives down to frontline staff members who interact daily with customers or vendors. In order for an organization’s goals to be achieved successfully it must have everyone working together towards the same objectives – something which Novatia Consulting has extensive experience in facilitating.

Regulatory Strategy Development

When it comes to regulatory strategy and compliance in Nigeria, businesses must carefully consider the complex challenges they face. Novatia Consulting offers a comprehensive approach to developing a successful regulatory strategy that is tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. We provide expertise across three primary areas:

  • Strategy planning: This involves understanding current legal frameworks and identifying gaps or potential risks. Our team of experienced consultants can develop effective strategies for achieving proactive compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Analyzing relevant statutes and case law
  • Developing a plan for meeting compliance requirements
  • Establishing an audit program to ensure ongoing adherence to regulations
  • Compliance training: To ensure that all staff members understand their roles, responsibilities, and obligations under the law, our team provides custom-tailored training programs designed around specific organizational needs. These courses are available both onsite and online, so clients have flexibility when scheduling instruction sessions.
  • Training sessions covering topics such as anti-corruption measures, data privacy rules, or occupational health & safety guidelines
  • Utilizing interactive tools like quizzes or role-playing scenarios to reinforce learning objectives
  • Offering continuing education resources to help employees stay up-to-date on changes in the industry

Our experts also assist with monitoring progress against established targets through regular reviews which include gap analyses between current performance levels and those desired by regulation. With a proven track record of success helping clients achieve regulatory compliance goals, Novatia Consulting is your partner for managing risk while simultaneously positioning yourself for long-term growth opportunities in Nigeria’s challenging market environment.

Legal Consulting

Nigeria’s business sector is increasingly globalized and subject to a growing number of regulations. As such, there has been a surge in demand for legal compliance consulting services from companies hoping to remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Novatia Consulting provides essential legal advice for businesses operating in Nigeria. Our expertise covers a broad range of topics related to regulatory strategy and compliance including contract management, data security, governance regulations, anti-corruption measures, antitrust law, corporate social responsibility programs and environmental regulations.

We specialize in the analysis of Nigerian legislative frameworks, mapping out possible risks associated with non-compliance. We also provide detailed guidance on how best to ensure that all necessary steps are taken to comply with existing legislation as well as any new or amended legislation introduced by both state governments and the federal government of Nigeria.

This includes advising clients on specific aspects related to their operations in Nigeria such as employee contracts, intellectual property rights protection, consumer protection standards and other procedures aimed at protecting employees’ welfare.

Novatia Consulting offers comprehensive support for organizations looking for ways to maintain their competitive edge within the business landscape in Nigeria while simultaneously meeting all relevant legal requirements; our team can help clients identify potential areas of risk associated with failing to comply with certain rules or regulations.

Additionally, we assist organizations in developing robust internal policies which address common issues faced by employers regarding labor practices and workplace safety, among others. Our professionals have extensive experience working across various industries around Africa, enabling us to offer tailored solutions suited specifically for each client’s needs.

Our team assists organizations through every step of the process ensuring that they are equipped with an effective plan which will allow them quickly adapt should changes be required due to further developments in regulation or emerging market trends impacting their industry.

With Novatia Consulting providing firms operating in Nigeria access to expert legal advice combined with deep insights into local markets conditions enables them capitalize on opportunities presented by ever changing circumstances while avoiding costly pitfalls stemming from lack of knowledge about the current economic climate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Regulatory Strategy & Compliance Consulting Services From Novatia Consulting?

Novatia Consulting is a Regulatory Strategy & Compliance consulting firm in Nigeria that provides data protection and financial services to firms.

When it comes to the cost of their services, Novatia Consulting offers competitive fees tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Prices may vary depending on the scope of work required and the type of project being undertaken, but they are typically offered at an affordable rate.

As such, businesses looking for regulatory strategy & compliance consulting can rely on Novatia Consulting as a trusted partner with both expertise and affordability.

What Is The Experience Of The Regulatory Strategy & Compliance Consulting Team At Novatia Consulting?

The Regulatory Strategy & Compliance Consulting team at Novatia Consulting is highly experienced in the field, with extensive knowledge of regulatory impact and compliance training.

The team members have worked on a variety of projects ranging from policy development to strategic planning, all while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

They are knowledgeable about national and international laws that affect businesses operating in Nigeria and have the ability to provide tailored guidance for clients based on their unique needs.

Each member has a deep understanding of the Nigerian business environment, allowing them to provide accurate advice about strategies for effective compliance management.

How Does Novatia Consulting Ensure That The Regulatory Strategy & Compliance Consulting Services Are Up-To-Date?

Novatia Consulting ensures that the regulatory strategy and compliance consulting services are up-to-date by following changing regulations and staying current on legal requirements.

The team is comprised of experienced professionals who have deep knowledge in this area, providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of their situation.

Additionally, the consultants use cutting edge technology to keep track of developments in the industry so they can provide accurate advice on any changes that may arise.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Regulatory Strategy & Compliance Consulting Project?

The length of time required to complete a regulatory strategy and compliance consulting project depends on the scope of the project.

A risk assessment, for example, may take multiple weeks or months depending on the size and complexity of an organization’s operations.

Compliance audits require even more effort as they involve in-depth reviews of relevant documents, policies and procedures.

At Novatia Consulting, we strive to provide timely yet comprehensive services that ensure clients are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

What Additional Services Do Novatia Consulting Offer In Addition To Regulatory Strategy & Compliance Consulting?

Novatia Consulting offers a range of additional services to assist organizations with their regulatory strategy and compliance consulting needs.

These include risk assessment, legal implications analysis and business impact assessment.

By taking into account the risks associated with non-compliance, as well as the potential costs of regulations, Novatia Consulting can help businesses create customized strategies that best suit their operational objectives in Nigeria.

Additionally, they provide advice on how to stay compliant with current laws and regulations while also preparing for future changes in the industry landscape.


Novatia Consulting offers comprehensive regulatory strategy and compliance consulting services in Nigeria.

The team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing up-to-date solutions, ensuring that clients are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations.

Their expertise combined with their efficient process helps them deliver projects quickly and effectively.

Additionally, Novatia Consulting provides additional services such as risk management and data protection for an even more comprehensive experience.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction and quality assurance, Novatia Consulting can be trusted to provide reliable regulatory strategy & compliance consulting services.

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