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Novatia Consulting is a leading process improvement consulting firm in Nigeria.

Our team of experienced professionals provide innovative solutions for businesses to enhance their operational efficiency through streamlined processes and systems optimization.

We have vast experience in providing tailored process improvement services that help organizations increase productivity, reduce costs and drive innovation.

We understand the unique challenges faced by Nigerian businesses today, which makes us well-equipped to handle any type of project from start to finish.

Our approach takes into account the latest trends in technology and business operations, as well as local market dynamics.

This allows us to develop customized solutions that are designed according to each client’s specific needs.

With our expertise, we can guarantee tangible results within short time frames.

Project Management

Project management is an essential component of any successful process improvement initiative. At Novatia Consulting, we understand that utilizing the right project management techniques and best practices can be instrumental in helping our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

We specialize in agile methodology to ensure that projects are completed within budget and on time. Agile methodology focuses on iterative development cycles with frequent feedback from stakeholders. This allows us to make adjustments quickly as needed throughout the duration of a project. Additionally, this approach reduces risk by allowing us to identify areas for improvement or potential problems before they become too costly or difficult to address.

Process mapping is another technique used by Novatia Consulting to facilitate effective project management. Process mapping involves identifying each step in a given process and assessing its efficiency, effectiveness, and impact on other processes. Through careful analysis of these mappings, it is possible to pinpoint areas where improvements can be made that will have a positive effect on overall performance and productivity.

Novatia Consulting has extensive experience developing comprehensive process maps tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients while ensuring optimal results. Our team utilizes advanced technologies such as data visualization tools and AI-driven analytics solutions to further enhance the accuracy and efficacy of our process maps.

We strive to ensure that all projects exceed expectations through efficient planning and execution based on reliable information gathered during the mapping phase of each project.

Business Process Reengineering

Project management is a critical component of any organization, as it involves the planning, organizing and managing resources in order to achieve defined goals. It requires an organized approach to ensure that all tasks are completed on time and within budget.

While project management can provide structure for a business, businesses must also consider how best to optimize their processes for cost savings and improved customer experience. Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is one such tool which organizations should evaluate when looking to improve performance.

Business process reengineering centers around leveraging current technologies and approaches to restructure existing processes with the aim of improving organizational efficiency. By analyzing existing practices and identifying areas where improvements can be made, BPR can help streamline operations while optimizing costs by cutting out redundant activities or repurposing resources more efficiently. Additionally, BPR allows organizations to focus on enhancing customer experience through better services or products delivered faster than before.

Organizations considering implementing BPR need to understand the scope of their initiative and create an appropriate strategy accordingly; this will include assessing their current processes, determining potential target areas, setting achievable goals based on cost optimization or customer experience improvement objectives, validating proposed solutions against those objectives, developing a plan for implementation and finally testing the solution prior to full rollout.

As part of this effort they may need to enlist external expertise from experienced consultants like Novatia Consulting who specialize in helping companies attain process excellence via effective re-engineering strategies tailored specifically towards meeting their unique requirements.

The success of any BPR program relies upon creating well-defined plans which take into account both short term successes as well as long term sustainability outcomes; this includes ensuring that ongoing maintenance efforts are built into the design plans so that changes remain functional over extended periods of usage rather than being subject to rapid deterioration due to lack of proper upkeep afterwards. Through careful consideration of these factors organizations can create successful transformation programs focused on delivering tangible results in terms of reduced operational expenses along with enhanced customer satisfaction levels.

Process Analysis And Design

Process analysis and design is a key component of any process improvement project. When employed by Novatia Consulting, this practice involves analyzing an organization’s current processes in order to identify areas where they can be improved or become more efficient. It also involves designing new processes that are better suited for the organization’s goals. This helps ensure that every step taken within its operations is working towards achieving those goals.

The primary methods used to analyze existing processes include data mining and process mapping. Data mining uncovers patterns and trends in large datasets which can then be used to assess the efficiency of existing processes.

Process mapping creates visual representations of how workflows move through an organization, helping identify bottlenecks or other points of failure before they cause major disruptions. By assessing their current state and identifying potential improvements, organizations can make changes that will lead to higher levels of productivity while also increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening relationships with stakeholders.

In addition, it allows them to enact corrective measures quickly if there are significant problems identified during data mining or process mapping exercises – reducing downtime, preventing costly errors, and ensuring smooth operation on all fronts.

Quality Assurance

Process mapping is a critical component of process analysis and design, as it provides the foundation for quality assurance. Quality assurance includes activities that review processes to ensure that they are functioning correctly and meeting customer requirements. This section will discuss the importance of quality assurance in process improvement consulting, identify key components of quality control systems, and outline how Novatia Consulting can help organizations develop effective approaches to managing their processes.

The goal of quality assurance is to ensure that products or services satisfy customer requirements and meet applicable standards. Process improvement consulting aims to improve performance by eliminating errors, streamlining operations, creating efficiencies, and making sure customers receive what they expect. Poorly designed processes can lead to delays, defects, rework costs, costly product recalls, liability issues and dissatisfied customers. Therefore, it is important for organizations to have strong quality control systems in place prior to implementing any changes through process improvement initiatives.

Quality Control System ComponentsHow Novatia Consulting Can Help
Establishing StandardsDevelop work instructions
Defining ProceduresCreate training programs
Monitoring PerformanceFacilitate workshops
Documenting FindingsMonitor progress

Quality control involves setting clear standards with specific criteria; defining procedures and methods that must be followed when performing tasks; monitoring performance against established standards; documenting findings related to non-compliances; and taking corrective action where necessary. In order to ensure successful implementation of these measures, organizations need experienced support from qualified professionals such as those at Novatia Consulting who understand the complexities involved. Our team has extensive experience helping clients define their standard operating procedures (SOPs), create appropriate training programs for employees on all levels within an organization’s hierarchy, facilitate workshops focused on process management techniques such as Lean Six Sigma toolsets which aid in optimizing operational efficiency while reducing waste and cost outlays , monitor progress towards goals set during workshop sessions and provide recommendations based upon best practices learned over many years of industry experience.

It is essential for businesses today to remain competitive in rapidly evolving markets which often require quick decision making capabilities due to changing customer demands or needs. Having robust quality control systems allows organizations not only compliance but also better service levels resulting in improved customer satisfaction scores as well as overall increases in profitability . With our comprehensive suite of solutions tailored specifically for your business objectives we at Novatia Consulting are uniquely positioned to help you maximize ROI on each project undertaken no matter its size or scope.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a key factor for businesses to remain competitive and improve their performance. The ultimate goal of Operational Excellence is to ensure that the organization continually meets or exceeds customer expectations in terms of service, quality, and cost. It focuses on improving processes by making them more efficient and effective.

This can be achieved through:

  • Performance measurement: using data-driven approaches such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess process performance, identify issues, and develop strategies for improvement.
  • Automation: implementing automated systems to streamline processes and reduce manual effort while maintaining accuracy and consistency.
  • Customer engagement: engaging customers through surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc., to understand their needs and preferences better so that the team can make informed decisions about how best to serve them.
  • Process design: designing new processes based on customer feedback and industry trends while leveraging existing resources effectively.

These efforts support an overall culture of continuous improvement within the organization by creating visibility into current operations, allowing teams to stay ahead of market changes, respond quickly when needed, create consistent results across departments, and ultimately drive profitability in both short-term and long-term goals.

Continuous Improvement

Operational excellence is the cornerstone to running a successful business, however it must be an ongoing process.

This next section will focus on continuous improvement and how customer experience and employee engagement are essential in driving this process forward.

Continuous improvement is the practice of making small but regular changes within organizational processes with the intention of creating a more efficient and effective way of working that supports long-term success.

It requires taking a proactive approach towards addressing areas for improvement rather than waiting until problems occur.

Customer experience and employee engagement play important roles in this process as they provide insight into what needs to be improved upon.

Customer experience takes into account all aspects of customer interaction from product/service design to delivery and post-sales support.

By understanding customer needs through feedback surveys or other methods, organizations can identify ways to improve their products or services in order to better meet those needs, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

Furthermore, customers should be given opportunities to provide input throughout the entire product lifecycle so their voices can continue to shape decisions going forward.

Employee engagement involves giving employees ownership over their work by providing them with autonomy, enabling them to make meaningful contributions, keeping them informed about company goals, involving them in decision-making processes and offering competitive compensation packages.

When employees feel valued and connected with their work they are more likely to stay motivated which leads to higher levels of productivity and innovation – both necessary components for successful continuous improvement initiatives.

Additionally, empowering staff at all levels helps foster creativity which encourages new ideas that could potentially lead to further improvements down the line.

Organizations must recognize that operational excellence isn’t a one-time task but an ongoing journey where customer experience and employee engagement are key elements along the way.

Creating an environment that values these two factors ensures any future efforts towards continual growth remain sustainable in the long term.

Change Management

Change management is an essential factor in organizational success, especially when a cultural transformation or change of leadership is involved. For this reason, Novatia Consulting works with clients to develop strategies and plans that enable them to successfully manage their changes for long-term results.

Our process improvement consulting team offers comprehensive services including organizational assessments, training programs, and facilitation support.

Novatia Consulting begins by first conducting an assessment of the organization’s current state and desired future outcomes. We then work with clients to identify potential challenges and areas for improvement during the transition period based on our findings from the initial assessment.

As part of this evaluation, we also help organizations create realistic objectives and timelines for achieving them. Once these goals have been established, our team provides tailored guidance through each stage of implementation.

This includes developing customized processes to ensure seamless integration into existing systems as well as providing resources such as workshops or coaching sessions to assist employees in adapting to new roles within the organization. Additionally, our experts are available throughout the entire process to provide ongoing support and advice when needed.

Having an effective plan in place can reduce disruptions while allowing businesses to achieve their short-term and long-term operational goals more efficiently. With our expertise in helping organizations navigate complex transitions, Novatia Consulting ensures that clients receive all necessary tools they need for successful change management initiatives.

Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation is an essential component of any process improvement strategy. It involves the identification and assessment of risks to ensure that effective strategies are developed to mitigate them.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand the importance of risk management and have designed our services to provide comprehensive risk identification and compliance strategies for businesses operating in Nigeria.

Our team begins by performing a thorough analysis of the existing processes within a company’s operations in order to identify areas where potential risks may be present. During this stage, we take into account all relevant factors such as industry regulations, customer demands, technological advancements, market trends, competitor activities and more.

Once identified, our consultants create tailored plans which include specific measures aimed at mitigating these risks while still allowing companies to operate efficiently and remain competitive.

We also help organizations develop compliance strategies that meet local standards and regulations while ensuring they do not put their business in jeopardy due to non-compliance or poor implementation of policies. Our experts use their knowledge of applicable laws and guidelines combined with their experience working with various stakeholders to craft compliant solutions that will minimize legal liabilities without compromising on quality.

Moreover, we regularly review these processes for continuous improvement and recommend best practices for maintaining optimal levels of efficiency throughout the organization’s operations. Companies can rest assured knowing there is a reliable partner who has their interests at heart when it comes to managing risk effectively and meeting regulatory requirements.

Automation Solutions

In order to effectively mitigate risk, it is essential to consider the implementation of automation solutions. Automation offers a range of advantages in terms of cost-efficiency and accuracy, while also providing organizations with improved scalability and agility.

By leveraging data mining techniques such as predictive analytics, companies can gain valuable insights into potential areas for improvement that may be difficult to uncover manually. Data mining can assist in identifying patterns and correlations between variables within large sets of data that would otherwise go unnoticed. Predictive analytics then uses these findings to anticipate future outcomes based on current conditions. This type of analysis enables more reliable decision making when dealing with uncertain situations or high-risk scenarios. In addition, it allows organizations to optimize their processes by predicting irregularities before they occur, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs over time.

Automation solutions are becoming increasingly popular due to the numerous benefits they provide businesses. They enable faster response times across various operations while eliminating human error through precise execution of tasks according to predefined rules and instructions. Furthermore, automated systems help reduce overhead costs associated with manual labor and play an important role in streamlining complex workflows.

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, so do automation tools which offer greater flexibility for customization depending on specific needs and preferences. By implementing effective automation solutions paired with powerful data mining capabilities, companies can further minimize risks and maximize performance levels throughout all stages of the process improvement lifecycle.

From initial assessment and design phases right through development and testing cycles – efficient management strategies facilitate successful outcomes every step of the way:

1) Streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks;
2) Increase accuracy by reducing human error;
3) Enhance scalability by optimizing resource utilization;
4) Gain key insights via predictive analytics & data mining algorithms.

Resource Optimization

Resource optimization is an essential component of any process improvement initiative, as it helps to ensure that resources are being used in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

This involves a comprehensive review of how resources – including personnel, physical assets, capital, technology and other materials – are allocated within the organization.

Cost containment measures can be put into place to reduce overhead expenses while resource allocation processes are developed or modified to maximize efficiency.

The key to successful resource optimization lies in understanding existing operations and identifying areas for improvement.

Novatia Consulting’s team of experts has extensive experience conducting such reviews and developing strategies for better utilization of available resources.

Our consultants work with clients on all aspects of resource optimization from needs assessment through implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement efforts.

An important part of our approach is to help organizations develop policies and standards around resource management so they can take ownership over their own operations and maintenance activities.

We also provide guidance on establishing performance metrics which allow stakeholders to measure results against targets set out at the start of the project and adjust accordingly when needed.

Novatia Consulting’s goal is to create lasting solutions that will enable our clients to realize tangible benefits from their investment in operational improvements; we strive for maximum return by minimizing wasted time, energy and money due to inefficient use of resources.

With this in mind, our process improvement teams evaluate every element involved in delivering services or products so changes can be made where necessary for improved outcomes overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Novatia Consulting Ensure Successful Process Improvement Projects?

Novatia Consulting ensures successful process improvement projects through a combination of strategic planning and employee engagement.

By engaging with stakeholders, the company is able to identify opportunities for improvement and develop plans for implementation.

In addition to this, their team works closely with the client’s employees throughout the entire project in order to ensure that goals are met and any potential challenges can be addressed quickly and effectively.

This approach has helped them deliver consistent results on numerous process improvement projects over the years.

What Experience Does Novatia Consulting Have In Nigeria?

Novatia Consulting has extensive experience in process improvement consulting in Nigeria. Our team of expert consultants have successfully implemented critical factors and technology solutions for numerous clients in the country.

We understand the nuances of doing business in Nigeria, as well as how to create strategies that are tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. As a result, we can ensure successful projects that achieve desired results and optimize processes across various industries.

What Are The Costs Associated With Process Improvement Consulting?

Cost savings are an important consideration when it comes to process improvement consulting.

Novatia Consulting offers a range of services that can help businesses achieve their desired results while minimizing costs associated with the project planning and implementation.

Our team is experienced in executing cost-saving solutions for clients, ultimately leading to improved efficiency, increased productivity, and greater profitability.

What Are The Benefits Of Engaging Novatia Consulting For Process Improvement?

Engaging Novatia Consulting for process improvement can be beneficial in many ways. It empowers teams to identify areas of opportunity and develop solutions that create lasting value, while also actively engaging stakeholders across the organization.

Novatia Consulting works closely with clients to ensure a smooth transition through each step of the process improvement journey, from initial assessment to implementation and beyond. With their deep industry knowledge and expertise, they are well-equipped to deliver successful outcomes on time and within budget.

How Quickly Can Novatia Consulting Implement Process Improvement Projects?

Novatia Consulting is a company that specializes in process improvement projects. Our goal is to provide cost effective and time saving solutions for our clients so they can get the most out of their investments.

We understand how quickly processes need to change, which is why we strive to implement projects as soon as possible. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, we aim to have it completed within three months or less.

With our experienced team of consultants, we are able to achieve this timeline without sacrificing quality or results.


Novatia Consulting offers a comprehensive approach to process improvement in Nigeria. With years of experience, Novatia Consulting is able to understand the unique challenges that businesses face in this area and can provide tailored solutions for maximum benefit.

Not only does their expertise ensure successful projects, but their competitive pricing structure makes it an affordable option for small-and medium-sized businesses. Engaging with them provides numerous improvements such as increased efficiency and cost savings, improved quality standards, streamlined operations and reduced risk exposure.

All these benefits make Novatia Consulting an ideal partner for any business looking to optimize its processes in Nigeria.

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