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Novatia Consulting is a performance management consulting firm established in Nigeria. Our mission is to help organizations and businesses reach their highest potentials through effective performance management strategies.

We offer comprehensive services that include the design, development, implementation and evaluation of custom-made programs aimed at improving organizational efficiency and productivity.

Our expert team consists of highly trained professionals who specialize in providing guidance in various aspects of performance management such as goal setting, competency mapping, process improvement, workforce analytics, talent acquisition and retention and more.

With our experience in managing change initiatives across multiple industries, we are confident that we can provide tailored solutions for any organization looking to improve its performance.

Goal Setting

In order to achieve optimal job satisfaction and employee engagement, goal setting is an essential component of any performance management plan. Goals need to be defined in clear language and should reflect the overall objectives of the organization. In addition, goals must be achievable, measurable and time-bound for maximum effectiveness.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand that successful goal setting involves input from both employers and employees to ensure alignment with organizational values as well as personal development interests. It is also important that goals are regularly reviewed so they remain relevant and up-to-date with changing needs or circumstances within the company.

For organizations looking to improve job satisfaction and employee engagement levels, Novatia Consulting offers a range of tailored services designed to identify areas of improvement in their performance management plans.

Through our research-based approach, we help clients develop short-, medium-, and long-term strategies for creating effective goal settings systems that align with organizational objectives whilst supporting individual growth opportunities.

Our team of experienced consultants has worked across various industries in Nigeria, enabling us to provide insights into best practices for achieving meaningful outcomes through effective goal setting processes. We work closely with each client to create customized solutions that meet their unique business requirements while providing practical advice on how best to engage staff during the process.

Competency Mapping

Competency mapping is an important tool used by performance management consulting experts, such as Novatia Consulting, to identify and assess the abilities of employees. This process involves assigning competencies to particular roles within a company, allowing employers to better understand their team dynamics and foster employee engagement.

The following are three key components in successful competency mapping:

  1. Defining core competencies – It’s essential that executives agree on what constitutes the necessary skills for each role within the organization. Core competencies will form the basis for assessing current and potential employees.
  2. Assigning weights to each competency – Executives must determine which competencies are more important than others for specific job roles; this helps prioritize development needs across different positions. Such weighting also allows HR departments to create benchmarks for evaluating individual performance levels against expected standards.
  3. Monitoring progress over time – Regular assessments should be conducted with appropriate feedback provided to help maintain or enhance employee skillsets while monitoring overall organizational goals. Performance evaluations can then easily compare individuals against established metrics set during the initial stages of competence mapping exercises.

Competence mapping provides organizations with valuable insights into their human capital assets so they can effectively deploy resources and achieve maximum productivity from their personnel investments short-term and long-term.

Process Improvement

Process improvement is an essential element of any business’s strategic planning. Through identifying key areas for improved performance and actively implementing plans to bring about change, companies are able to increase efficiency and productivity while maintaining high levels of employee engagement.

At Novatia Consulting, our team has years of experience in helping organizations meet their goals through process improvements initiatives designed specifically for them.

Our approach begins with a comprehensive review of existing processes within the organization. This allows us to identify where weaknesses may exist, as well as opportunities for growth or expansion. Our team then works closely with management to develop strategies that can be implemented across all departments, ensuring consistency throughout the organization. Additionally, we provide analysis and reporting tools so that progress can be tracked over time and adjustments made accordingly.

When it comes to managing people and processes effectively, effective communication is key. We work hard to ensure that everyone understands what needs to be done and why, allowing employees to feel empowered in their decision-making roles.

As part of this effort, we offer training programs tailored towards each department’s specific needs so that managers can better support their teams by providing the tools they need for success.

We understand how important it is for businesses to maximize resources while staying competitive in today’s market place; thus, our goal is to create solutions that will help your company reach its full potential without compromising quality or service delivery.

By utilizing our extensive expertise in performance management consulting combined with innovative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), we strive to deliver results that exceed expectations every time!

Workforce Analytics

The process improvement discussed in the previous section forms a crucial part of workforce analytics. Workforce analysis provides an opportunity to uncover business insights and identify areas for improvement, resulting in increased job satisfaction and employee engagement levels. In order to delve deeper into this concept, the following will examine:

  • The benefits of workforce analytics
  • How data is gathered and analyzed
  • Common challenges that can be encountered when using such systems
  • Potential solutions to ensure successful implementation

Workforce analytics has been proven to provide numerous advantages for organizations looking to optimize their staff performance and increase efficiency. It allows employers to gain greater insight into how employees are performing, develop more effective strategies for managing them, as well as accurately measure return on investment from initiatives like recruitment campaigns or training programs.

Additionally, it can also help improve job satisfaction by providing relevant feedback about individual performance and encouraging transparency within the workplace.

Data gathering is essential for accurate evaluation of personnel performance. This typically involves collecting HR-related information through surveys, interviews or observations which then need to be properly organized before any further steps can be taken. Once all necessary data has been collected, advanced statistical methods are employed to evaluate trends across teams or departments within an organization as well as specific individuals’ progress over time. When done correctly, these analyses allow businesses to make informed decisions with regard to their workforce management practices.

One common challenge related to implementing workforce analytics solutions is difficulty interpreting results due to lack of technical expertise among stakeholders involved in decision making processes. Another issue may arise if the underlying data used during evaluations contain errors caused by incorrect recording of information at source level or inadequate quality control procedures when entering data into company databases.

To address these issues, organizations should consider investing additional resources in training managers who work directly with personnel data so they better understand why certain patterns emerge from the outcomes of analytical models used in evaluating human capital performance. Furthermore, IT specialists should be consulted regarding best practices for verifying accuracy of entered data prior to processing it for further analysis purposes.

By incorporating a comprehensive approach towards understanding how its personnel performs – both individually and collectively – companies have access to invaluable insights which can inform strategic decision making going forward while ensuring maximum job satisfaction and employee engagement levels across the entire organization.

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is a vital component of any organization’s success. Organizations must develop effective recruitment strategies to attract, hire and retain the best employees for their business. As such, Novatia Consulting implements tailored incentive schemes as part of its performance management consulting in Nigeria to ensure that organizations have access to top talent.

Recruitment StrategiesIncentive Schemes
Leverage Social MediaFlexible Work Hours
Utilize ReferencesCompetitive Salaries
Participate in Job FairsEmployee Recognition Programs
Offer Sign-On BonusesProfessional Development Opportunities

In order to maximize employee engagement and satisfaction while minimizing turnover costs, it is essential for an organization to provide competitive compensation packages with attractive incentives. Novatia Consulting can help construct these incentive programs based on an organization’s specific needs and goals. Our consultants are well versed in developing incentive plans which include flexible work hours, sign-on bonuses, competitive salaries and recognition programs designed to reward high performing individuals or teams. Additionally, we also promote professional development opportunities that foster long term career growth.

Moreover, our team assists organizations by leveraging social media platforms as a cost-effective recruiting tool. We also encourage companies to utilize references from other professionals within their industry who may know potential candidates for open positions. Finally, attending job fairs is another great way for employers to connect with potential hires face-to-face before making a hiring decision.

Novatia Consulting understands the importance of building successful recruitment strategies and provides tailor made incentive schemes which allow organizations access to top talent while keeping employee morale high and reducing turnover costs. Through our extensive knowledge in performance management consulting in Nigeria, we guarantee the most efficient solutions when facilitating your company’s personnel acquisition process.

Talent Retention

Talent retention is an important component of any successful business. It involves the recruitment, development and maintenance of a talented workforce in order to ensure that employees are engaged and satisfied with their job.

Novatia Consulting recognizes that talent retention practices can have a significant impact on a company’s performance, productivity and profitability.

In Nigeria, organizations need to take steps to properly manage their human resources in order to retain top performers for long-term success. This involves creating an environment where employees feel valued and appreciated for their efforts; providing competitive salaries and benefits packages; maintaining effective communication between management and staff; and offering training opportunities for career growth.

It is also essential to create an employee engagement strategy which encourages active participation from all members of the organization. This should include activities such as team building exercises, feedback sessions, recognition programs and rewards schemes designed to motivate employees and increase job satisfaction.

Additionally, measures must be taken to reduce stress levels among staff by ensuring they receive adequate support from managers when needed.

By implementing these strategies, companies can foster a positive work culture which will help them attract top talent while retaining current employees who contribute significantly towards achieving organizational goals. In turn, this will lead to improved productivity rates and higher profits over time.

Change Management

Organizations in Nigeria must be aware of the importance of change management when it comes to developing a successful performance-driven workplace. Change is inevitable and can come from both internal and external sources, including technological advancements, mergers/acquisitions, or new business models. Managing change requires strategic planning by an organization’s leadership as well as proactive engagement with employees at all levels.

Novatia Consulting specializes in providing tailored change management solutions that focus on workforce planning and employee engagement. We have extensive experience working with organizations across sectors to build effective strategies for managing change while minimizing disruption throughout the process. Our team works collaboratively alongside clients to ensure their needs are met and their long-term objectives realized.

The following table provides a high-level overview of our approach to helping organizations create sustainable organizational growth through successful change management:

Workforce PlanningEmployee Engagement
Developing plans for staffing changes required due to restructuring
Assessing current skills gaps & offering guidance on how best to fill them
Proactively engaging workers & communicating upcoming changes
Offering training & education opportunities related to the implementation process
Creating job descriptions aligned with changing roles
Ensuring compliance with relevant labor laws & regulations
Identifying potential areas of resistance & creating strategies to address them
Implementing feedback mechanisms enabling ongoing communication between staff & leadership teams

With our expertise, we strive to help Nigerian organizations effectively manage any type of change they may encounter and equip them with the tools necessary for long-term success. This includes identifying the right resources, implementing systems that will enable smoother transitions, and engaging stakeholders throughout the entire process. By doing so, we can ensure that desired outcomes are achieved without unnecessary delays or disruptions

Organizational Development

Having discussed the importance of Change Management in organizational success, Novatia Consulting moves to analyze how Organizational Development (OD) can improve performance.

OD is a system-wide application of behavioural science principles and learning opportunities for organizations that focus on developing people, structures, and processes to achieve optimal results. It also serves as an avenue for cultural alignment within an organization.

Organizational Development enables organizations to identify areas where improvement or transformation is needed through assessments such as surveys and interviews. The assessment provides insights into what needs attention most urgently and allows leaders to create action plans accordingly.

Some common activities include:

  1. Designing reward systems
  2. Developing leadership competencies
  3. Implementing succession planning
  4. Enhancing team effectiveness

In addition, OD programs often involve training initiatives which aim to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction while at the same time improving productivity levels throughout all departments of the business. Such efforts ultimately lead to improved communication across teams coupled with better decision making capabilities due to increased awareness about strategies followed by other departments within the organization.

Cultural alignment becomes especially important when it comes to implementing long term goals because it establishes shared values between different members of staff from diverse backgrounds or generations who may have differing perspectives on certain topics related to the company’s objectives.

All of these changes must be monitored closely so that they remain aligned with one another and are contributing towards achieving desired outcomes. This helps organizations stay competitive in their respective industries by ensuring quality services are being provided efficiently at all times without compromising customer expectations or violating any applicable regulations set forth by government bodies or industry standards organizations.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is a key component in the success of any organization. It helps to identify opportunities for improvement and assess progress towards desired goals.

At Novatia Consulting, we believe that performance measurement should be used proactively as part of an ongoing process to ensure effective management and development of staff over time. Our approach takes into account both individual employees’ needs and organizational objectives when setting targets and assessing results.

We recognize that each employee has unique skills and strengths which must be taken into consideration during performance evaluation. That’s why our career coaching services provide personalized support to help individuals reach their professional development goals.

We also use sophisticated metrics to measure outcomes such as productivity, customer satisfaction, and financial gains against pre-determined benchmarks. This allows us to gain valuable insight about the overall effectiveness of policies, procedures, and practices within the organization.

Our team works collaboratively with clients to create tailored solutions designed to improve performance across all levels of the business. Through careful analysis of current processes, we can develop strategies that are realistic yet challenging enough to drive growth while still remaining achievable by your workforce.

Regular feedback sessions allow you to keep track of progress while providing guidance on areas where further improvements may be needed going forward.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand how important it is for businesses to get maximum value from their investments in people – this is at the heart of everything we do. Our experienced consultants have extensive knowledge and expertise in delivering successful performance assessment programs that not only meet but exceed expectations set out by our clients every time—ensuring a return on investment for everyone involved in the process.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is a crucial component of the performance management process as it provides feedback to employees on their job performance and overall contribution. This step helps organizations determine which areas they need to focus on in order to foster employee engagement, motivation, and productivity.

By examining how well an employee performs his or her tasks, managers can provide constructive advice that supports growth and development. The purpose of performance evaluations is to provide both parties with information about what needs to be improved upon and the steps necessary for improvement. It also serves as a platform for communicating individual goals, expectations from each party, and formulating strategies for achieving those objectives.

During this process, employers should use effective communication techniques such as active listening and open discussion in order to gain insight into employees’ perspectives of their work environment. Furthermore, these interactions allow them to develop better action plans tailored towards meeting organizational goals while ensuring maximum efficiency within the workforce.

Employees who have clear understanding of expectations are more likely to feel motivated when working through challenging projects. Therefore, providing regular feedback coupled with timely reinforcements will help increase morale amongst team members leading ultimately lead to higher levels of engagement. Additionally, successful implementation of appropriate reward systems can further improve job satisfaction among employees by incentivizing desired behavior resulting in increased productivity across all departments involved.

To ensure that performance evaluations remain fair and accurate assessments of individual contributions within an organization, managers must take certain measures such as setting realistic goals that account for personal circumstances outside of work (i.e., family responsibilities). Moreover, consistent reviews should be conducted regularly throughout the year allowing sufficient time for any adjustments required due to changes in organizational objectives or unexpected external factors affecting operations within the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Performance Management Consulting In Nigeria?

The cost of performance management consulting in Nigeria can vary depending on the scope and length of a project.

Factors such as talent identification, skill development, and the complexity of tasks required will affect the overall fee structure.

When working with Novatia Consulting, clients can expect to receive an accurate estimate that takes these elements into consideration before they commit to any services.

Does Novatia Consulting Provide Training Courses To Assist With Performance Management Consulting?

Novatia Consulting provides a variety of training courses to help organisations improve their performance management capabilities. These courses are designed to assist with measuring outcomes, evaluating impact and implementing improved practices in the workplace.

The courses provide employees with an understanding of how to effectively manage goals, evaluate progress and develop strategies that will ultimately lead to higher levels of success.

Additionally, Novatia Consulting offers customised advice on best-practices for corporate performance management.

What Is The Timeline For Implementing Performance Management Consulting?

A successful implementation of performance management consulting requires a clear timeline. This includes setting goals and objectives, gathering employee feedback, analyzing data, and creating actionable steps to achieve the desired outcomes.

A typical approach is for Novatia Consulting to conduct an initial assessment phase followed by designing tailored solutions based on the specific needs of the client organization. During this process, Novatia Consulting works with stakeholders from across the company in order to align organizational goals with individual performance metrics.

Following completion of these tasks, it typically takes two to three months for clients to begin implementing their new system of performance management consulting.

How Can Performance Management Consulting Help Improve Employee Engagement?

Performance management consulting can help to improve employee engagement by focusing on individual and team goal setting, providing feedback for improvement, recognizing performance milestones, and developing self-improvement initiatives.

Through these methods of consultation, employees are more motivated to achieve goals which leads to increased engagement in the workplace.

By having an effective performance management system in place, businesses may expect higher levels of productivity from their staff as well as improved morale, leading to overall success.

What Is The Difference Between Performance Measurement And Performance Evaluation?

Performance measurement and performance evaluation are two distinct processes that may be used separately or together to improve employee engagement.

Performance measurement is the collection of data related to employees such as their job duties, outputs, and accomplishments in order to provide feedback on how they are doing relative to goals and expectations.

Performance evaluation is a process of analyzing this data over time to identify areas for improvement or progress. The results from these evaluations can then inform decisions about rewards, promotions, training, coaching, etc., making them an essential component of any successful performance management consulting strategy.


Performance management consulting is an essential component of any organization, particularly in the Nigerian market. It provides organizations with a clear understanding of how to most effectively manage their employees and achieve desired outcomes.

Novatia Consulting offers expertise in this field, providing training courses as well as consultancy services to help organizations implement performance management systems that are tailored to their unique needs. Furthermore, it can assist them in measuring and evaluating employee performance, leading to improved engagement levels amongst staff members and ultimately increased productivity for the company.

Ultimately, performance management consulting is a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking better success rates across all metrics.

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