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Novatia Consulting is a leading provider of Learning & Development services in Nigeria. With its highly experienced team, the firm offers tailored solutions to clients looking to achieve their business objectives through effective learning and development initiatives.

The company has extensive knowledge and experience in helping organizations create strategies that deliver value-added outcomes such as enhanced performance, better employee engagement and improved customer service. Through comprehensive assessments and needs analysis, Novatia works with organizations to identify areas for improvement, develop customized training plans and implement programs designed to maximize results.

By leveraging cutting edge technology and innovative approaches, Novatia ensures each client receives top quality support from start to finish.

Comprehensive Learning & Development Solutions

Novatia Consulting offers comprehensive learning and development solutions that help organizations develop the skills necessary for their employees to reach peak performance. Our approach focuses on providing measurable goals, evaluation of existing skill sets, job alignment and ongoing training programs tailored to each organization’s individual needs.

Our team consists of experienced professionals with a strong background in the field of Learning & Development consulting. We understand the importance of understanding an individual’s unique requirements as well as that of their department or organization.

To ensure this is done properly, we provide detailed assessments which allow us to accurately assess employee competency levels and identify areas where further development may be required. This process helps us create clearer job alignments while also helping our clients design effective training plans that are tailored to the specific objectives at hand.

We believe in focusing on both short-term and long-term goals when creating these tailor-made strategic plans for our clients. As part of this strategy, we offer a variety of services including workshops and seminars designed to improve leadership skills and increase overall engagement within the workplace.

Additionally, we provide one-on-one coaching sessions which cover topics such as communication techniques and motivation strategies. All courses are designed according to industry standards ensuring maximum impact from any given program.

At Novatia Consulting, we use evidence-based research methods combined with tried and tested practices developed through years of experience working with different types of organizations across various industries in Nigeria; allowing us to deliver specialized service packages made just for you – no matter what your unique situation might be.

Strategic Planning & Execution

Novatia Consulting, Nigeria offers a holistic approach to strategic planning and execution for organizations. This comprehensive strategy provides guidance on the development of both short-term and long-term goals as well as techniques for implementing them. Our team of experienced consultants assesses organizational needs to create a customized plan that fits their specific context.

The process begins with an analysis of existing policies in order to gain insight into current objectives and challenges. We then work closely with stakeholders from departments across the organization to identify areas where improvement is needed or desired. Through collaborative dialogue we can incorporate individual concerns while creating plans that align with overall business goals.

Once the initial assessment is complete, our team develops an actionable plan designed to improve effectiveness over time. This includes outlining procedures, setting achievable targets, identifying resources required and providing training opportunities related to skill development whenever necessary.

We also provide support throughout the implementation phase, ensuring that changes are implemented correctly and efficiently so they may be sustained in the future.

In addition, Novatia Consulting will periodically review progress towards established benchmarks in order to measure success against expectations and adjust strategies accordingly. Our commitment is to provide clients with a tailored solution based on proven methods that help them reach their desired outcomes quickly and effectively.

Needs Analysis & Customization

Before any learning and development program can be designed, it is important to first understand the needs of the customer. This process, known as a needs analysis, involves gathering and analyzing data from various sources to gain insights into the customer’s current dynamics and desired outcomes. At Novatia Consulting Nigeria, we take this step seriously when designing programs for our customers.

Our team uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods during the needs analysis phase, allowing us to develop an understanding of essential aspects such as goals, objectives, challenges faced by stakeholders, organizational culture, existing resources available in-house, etc. We also use surveys and interviews with key personnel to further explore these topics.

All this data is then analyzed using advanced analytics techniques to uncover trends that provide valuable customer insights which can inform personalized training solutions tailored to their specific goals and requirements.

In addition to identifying areas where improvement is needed within an organization’s operations or processes, we strive to identify opportunities for innovation – thereby providing a competitive advantage over market rivals. Our team has access to cutting edge technologies that enable us to extract deeper knowledge from raw data; thus helping our clients make more informed decisions about how best they should proceed in order achieve optimal results through customized learner experiences.

From conducting detailed studies on target demographics and markets segments right down to implementation strategies for successful rollouts – Novatia Consulting Nigeria provides comprehensive strategy consulting services along every step of your journey towards achieving excellence in learning & development initiatives.

Training Program Design & Implementation

At Novatia Consulting, we specialize in training program design and implementation that effectively meets the needs of our clients. Our process begins with a comprehensive skill mapping to identify learning objectives and gaps for each individual or group of individuals within an organization. We use instructional design principles to create engaging content that is tailored towards meeting these identified outcomes.

In order to ensure the success of any program, it must be properly implemented from start to finish. The following steps are included in this process:

  • Measuring Outcomes: Establishing criteria for measuring impactful results at the end of each stage;
  • Quantitative measures such as tests and surveys;
  • Qualitative feedback gathered through interviews, focus groups, and other methods.
  • Developing Learning Materials: Creating materials customized according to specific audience requirements using multimedia resources. This includes generating instructor guides and participant workbooks, selecting appropriate technologies for delivery, and developing job aids where necessary.
  • Delivery Methods Selection: Selecting the most suitable method for delivering instruction based on factors such as cost constraints, available technology infrastructure, target learner population size etc. This could include classroom facilitation by internal staff or external trainers/facilitators, webinars, elearning modules etc.
  • Evaluation & Refinement: Designing activities aimed at assessing effectiveness during and after completion of programs; incorporating feedback into future offerings to improve overall quality control standards.

The goal throughout all stages is to guarantee that participants gain knowledge applicable within their own context while building skills needed for long term organizational development initiatives. At Novatia Consulting Nigeria we strive towards helping organizations achieve their highest potential through effective training program design and implementation services which are both innovative and result oriented.

Performance Evaluation & Measurement

Having discussed the process of designing and implementing a training program, it is important to consider how performance can be evaluated and measured. Effective performance evaluation requires an organization to have a system in place that allows for skill development and knowledge transfer to be monitored. This section will discuss various methods used to evaluate performance within learning & development initiatives.

The table below outlines several approaches which may be utilized when assessing the impact of any given training initiative:

Evaluation MethodAdvantagesDisadvantages
Pre-test/Post-testObjectiveTime consuming
Peer feedbackContextualBiased opinions
360° EvaluationComprehensiveLengthy process
InterviewDetailed infoVarying results

Pre-tests are useful as they provide organizations with quantitative data regarding the level of understanding prior to beginning the training intervention. Post tests at the conclusion of any program allow comparison between pre and post scores, giving insight into what has been learned or reinforced during the course of instruction. Additionally, peer feedback allows participants to gain contextual information from those who have experienced similar programs and also provides trainees with different perspectives on their own work. The 360° approach takes this concept further by including feedback from a variety of sources such as supervisors, colleagues and customers – making sure no aspect goes unobserved. Observation can also be employed; however subjective judgments may become apparent if not conducted carefully. Lastly, interviews help shed light on more intricate details associated with learner experiences but must be done using consistent criteria in order to obtain comparable responses.

Considering all available options when evaluating performance enables organizations to accurately assess progress made throughout any learning & development venture while ensuring key objectives are being met efficiently and effectively. As part of Novatia Consulting’s offering in Nigeria we focus on helping our clients develop effective systems that enable meaningful measurement of employee growth resulting from training interventions implemented within their organization.

Employee Engagement & Retention

Employee engagement and retention is a critical factor in the success of any organization. It requires an effective strategy to ensure employees remain motivated, productive, and content with their jobs. Novatia Consulting Nigeria specialize in learning & development consulting that focuses on employee engagement and retention strategies.

The primary goal for any employer when it comes to employee engagement and retention should be creating a positive workplace environment where workers feel valued, respected, and appreciated. This can be achieved through various tactics such as:

  • Providing meaningful incentives
  • Bonuses
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Profit sharing plans

Investing in team building exercises which foster collaboration among colleagues. This can include social activities, team meetings/retreats, and cross functional projects requiring teamwork.

Establishing clear goals that give employees direction while allowing them autonomy to complete tasks.

Allowing flexibility with scheduling or remote work opportunities when feasible.

Recognizing accomplishments publicly to boost morale.

These are just some examples of how employers can create an inviting atmosphere that motivates staff to stay engaged and retain their positions within the company. Additionally, providing relevant training programs showing commitment towards professional development enables employees feel like they are making progress in their career path. Moreover, research has shown that companies who prioritize employee engagement tend to have higher productivity rates leading to improved organizational performance overall.

Learning Management Systems & Tracking

As the need for skill building and talent retention in Nigeria becomes more pressing, a Learning Management System (LMS) is an essential tool to help organizations remain competitive. In order to maximize the success of any organization’s learning strategy, it is important to have a system that allows individuals or teams to track their progress as they work towards achieving business objectives.

Novatia Consulting offers LMS solutions that are tailored specifically to suit each individual customer’s needs and requirements. This type of system allows customers to manage courses, assessments, and user performance within a single platform while providing powerful tracking tools such as analytics reports on course completion rates and time spent by learners on different topics.

The data generated from these reports can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of training interventions and identify areas where improvement may be necessary. Additionally, these systems provide users with insights into how employees approach tasks, which helps managers make informed decisions about resource allocation and budgeting for future projects.

The ability to create custom content makes LMS platforms highly advantageous when compared with traditional methods of delivering instruction material – this provides customers with greater control over their own curriculum creation process without having to rely on external sources. Furthermore, most modern systems allow administrators access to real-time feedback gathered from participants during training sessions; enabling them to quickly address issues or questions as they arise.

Novatia Consulting also offers additional value-added services related to managing skills development initiatives such as developing competency frameworks and creating customized eLearning modules for enhanced engagement with target audiences. Our team works closely with clients throughout every step of the project delivery process in order ensure successful implementation of our solutions.

We strive for excellence in all aspects of service provision so that we can exceed expectations at every turn – making us an ideal choice for those looking for high quality learning & development support in Nigeria.

Quality Assurance & Compliance

Novatia Consulting is committed to providing comprehensive quality assurance and compliance services for our clients in Nigeria. We employ a detailed risk assessment process that allows us to identify potential areas of concern before they become issues. This helps keep our client’s operations running smoothly with minimal disruption, thus protecting their bottom line.

In addition to risk assessments, we also offer regular compliance auditing services. Our team of experienced professionals can review your systems and processes to ensure full compliance with all applicable regulations, both locally and internationally. Through this rigorous analysis, we are able to provide valuable insight into any potential risks or weaknesses in the system, giving our clients peace of mind when it comes to their operations.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand the importance of Quality Assurance & Compliance in today’s business world. With ever-evolving regulations and standards governing different industries, it is essential for companies to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring proper procedures are followed at all times.

Our extensive suite of services provides an effective solution for our clients’ needs while helping them avoid costly mistakes down the road. We take pride in providing excellent service backed up by reliable data and insights from our expert staff.

Whether you need assistance with risk management or ongoing audit support, Novatia Consulting has everything you need to protect your organization from unnecessary liability or financial harm resulting from non-compliance with industry rules and regulations.

Cutting Edge Technology & Innovation

Quality Assurance and Compliance are essential for any organization looking to stay competitive. However, it is also necessary to invest in cutting-edge technology and innovation in order to remain successful. Innovative solutions can help organizations leverage the latest trends, tools, and techniques to drive business growth and maximize productivity.

Leadership development plays an important role in driving organizational performance by providing employees with the skills and knowledge they need to lead effectively. By investing in innovative technologies such as virtual learning platforms, training programs can be tailored to individual employee needs while ensuring that all staff members receive consistent instruction.

Virtual classrooms enable employers to quickly share information across multiple locations while allowing them access to a wide variety of resources. Additionally, these systems allow participants from different countries or regions within Nigeria to collaborate on projects without having to travel long distances physically.

Innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) are changing how businesses operate today, enabling companies to automate processes and streamline operations more efficiently than ever before. AI algorithms can be used for predictive analytics which give insights into customer behavior so organizations can adjust their strategies accordingly.

Data science has revolutionized decision-making processes by helping managers identify key factors influencing their success, giving them greater control over their outcomes. By leveraging the latest technological advancements, organizations can gain an edge over competitors through increased efficiency and improved quality of service delivery.

Developing leadership capabilities among staff members helps create a culture of trust where decisions are made more collaboratively rather than unilaterally by upper management alone. Investing in cutting-edge technology & innovation provides Nigerian businesses with ample opportunities for growth & transformation while preparing them for future challenges ahead.

Superior Client Support & Results

Novatia Consulting is committed to providing superior client support and results. We strive to maximize customer satisfaction through the implementation of innovative strategies that are tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Our team works diligently towards achieving this goal by leveraging our knowledge, experience, and industry-leading techniques.

Our approach begins by gathering comprehensive customer feedback on the current state of their learning & development initiatives. This allows us to gain valuable insight into areas where improvement can be made while also recognizing existing strengths.

Then, we develop a custom solution that aligns with the company’s goals and objectives while addressing challenges in an efficient manner. We routinely solicit feedback from all stakeholders throughout the process of delivering solutions in order to measure success against expectations.

In addition, regular communication between Novatia Consulting personnel and our customers helps ensure that any issues or concerns are promptly addressed for a smooth transition period following project completion. Throughout each engagement, Novatia Consulting strives for excellence in every step taken towards meeting the desired outcome for our clients.

With a focus on quality assurance and continual improvement, we remain dedicated to helping our customers achieve increased levels of performance in their training efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of The Learning & Development Consulting Services?

The cost of learning & development consulting services depends on the complexity and scope of the project.

Novatia Consulting in Nigeria provides innovative solutions that offer a high return on investment, making their services an excellent choice for anyone seeking to develop or improve the training capabilities within their organization.

How Long Does The Consulting Process Typically Take?

At Novatia Consulting, our learning and development consulting process typically takes between four to six weeks.

This timeframe allows us time to assess the corporate culture of the organization, develop a tailored mentoring program that is right for their employees, and offer on-site support as needed.

We strive to ensure that all aspects of our services are provided in an efficient manner while still achieving optimal results.

Are There Any Additional Services Offered By Novatia Consulting?

Novatia Consulting offers additional services in the form of skill building and leadership coaching. This is done through workshops and programs specifically designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations develop their strengths while also addressing any weaknesses they may have.

Additionally, experienced leaders at Novatia Consulting can provide guidance on personnel management, organizational effectiveness, and other areas related to learning & development.

The consultants are well-versed with the Nigerian market, allowing them to tailor solutions that will meet the needs of clients from varying backgrounds.

How Many Years Of Experience Does The Team Have?

Novatia Consulting has a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field of learning & development consulting.

The average number of years for each member is 16, with some team members having more than 20 years of expertise.

This demonstrates their insight into career growth and team dynamics, which further reinforces their ability to provide exceptional service and performance results.

What Kind Of Results Can Be Expected From The Consulting Services?

Novatia Consulting in Nigeria offers learning and development consulting services that have been shown to generate positive results. Customers who have utilized Novatia’s expertise in the past have reported satisfaction with the solutions provided, citing improvements in productivity and increased efficiency as a result of their engagement.

The team at Novatia is skilled in leveraging best practices from years of collective experience to identify customer needs, develop strategies for improvement, and implement those strategies within an organization.

Customer feedback serves as valuable insight on how well these solutions are working in practice and allows for ongoing refinement over time to maximize performance.


Novatia Consulting provides a comprehensive suite of learning & development consulting services to ensure the best outcomes for clients.

The team has extensive experience in this area, and is able to customise solutions that meet the specific needs of each organisation.

As such, organisations can expect highly effective results from the process, which generally take between two to four weeks depending on the scope of engagement.

With competitive rates and additional services available upon request, Novatia Consulting is an excellent choice for any business seeking high quality learning & development consulting services in Nigeria.

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