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Data visualization is becoming increasingly important in Nigeria, as businesses and organizations strive to make sense of their data and communicate key findings.

Novatia Consulting provides a comprehensive range of services to assist clients with their data visualization needs. Our experienced team of professionals offers expertise and solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

Novatia Consulting has an established track record in providing customized data visualization consulting for numerous clients throughout Nigeria. We have helped our customers develop effective visual representations of their datasets, enabling them to gain insights into their performance, identify trends and monitor progress over time.

Furthermore, we offer ongoing technical support and training on how best to utilize data visualization tools.

Understanding Your Data

Data visualization is a powerful tool for understanding complex information and making informed decisions. At Novatia Consulting, we provide data visualization consulting services to clients in Nigeria. Our team of data visualization experts have the skills necessary to help our clients leverage their data in meaningful ways that drive impactful results.

The first step to successful data visualization is an effective survey design. A well-structured survey will allow us to collect accurate and relevant information from participants, giving us better insights into the questions being asked.

We also understand the importance of ensuring our surveys are engaging and user friendly so as to maximize response rates and capture responses accurately.

After designing an effective survey, it’s time to clean up the collected data. Data cleaning involves filtering out incomplete or inaccurate records, dealing with outliers, converting categorical variables into numerical ones, and more.

Our team has extensive experience in this field which allows us to quickly identify errors and organize your data into usable datasets.

Having cleaned & organized all of your data points, our next step would be to explore different visualizations tools available and decide on one that best fits your desired outcome.

Our expertise across various software packages ensures accuracy while providing visually appealing presentations that can communicate effectively even when addressing complex topics.

Identifying Relevant Visualization Tools

Ensuring effective data visualization requires a deep understanding of the requirements and objectives. To that end, it is important to explore all available options for delivering meaningful insights in an efficient manner.

At Novatia Consulting, our experienced consultants begin by taking into account both the specific needs of each project as well as the characteristics of the data itself when selecting appropriate visualizations tools. The selection process includes evaluating existing software applications and technologies, assessing their potential to meet client goals while also identifying any gaps or areas where customization may be necessary.

We have access to numerous open-source libraries and frameworks designed specifically for data visualization, such as D3.js, Highcharts, Plotly and others which provide powerful charting capabilities with customizable features. After careful consideration of these platforms, we are able to recommend suitable solutions tailored to fit individual projects’ unique specifications.

We strive to stay abreast of developments in technology so that our clients receive the most up-to-date recommendations for creating visually engaging visuals that deliver maximum impact. Our team has expertise in working with cutting edge technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), which can add another level of interactivity and engagement when used correctly.

By combining traditional techniques such as bar charts with innovative approaches like 3D modeling or motion graphics, we ensure our clients get exactly what they need out of their data visualizations no matter how complex their objectives might be.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand the importance of leveraging modern tools and methods to deliver successful outcomes quickly and efficiently – freeing up valuable resources for other tasks along the way. Our consultants apply this knowledge at every step throughout the entire process – from initial consultation through delivery – ensuring optimal results every time.

Preparing Data For Visualization

Data visualization is a powerful tool for understanding and interpreting the data. To ensure that you get the most out of your data visualization efforts, it is important to prepare your data correctly before visualizing it.

At Novatia Consulting, we provide scalable solutions to help our clients maximize their data integrity while preparing their datasets for visualization. The first step in any successful dataset preparation process is to check the quality of the underlying data. This involves examining the values within each column to make sure they are complete and accurate, as well as ensuring there are no missing or duplicate values across columns. It also includes checking for outliers and removing them if necessary.

Once this has been done, you can begin transforming and cleaning up the dataset so that it’s easier to visualize later on. To properly transform and clean up a dataset for visualization purposes, certain techniques must be used. These include scaling variables, encoding categorical features into numerical ones, dealing with imbalanced classes (if applicable), normalizing distributions, filling in missing values (e.g., using mean/median imputation) and more. Knowing which technique should be applied where will depend upon the nature of each individual dataset being worked with.

At Novatia Consulting, we have extensive experience in preparing large amounts of complex datasets for effective visualization. We use advanced algorithms such as linear regression models and decision trees to identify patterns in datasets quickly and accurately. Our team applies modern methods like Principal Component Analysis (PCA) or Clustering Techniques when needed. We apply feature engineering practices to derive insights from raw data. Using natural language processing tools we convert textual information into structured formats suitable for producing meaningful visuals. Lastly, we utilize automated machine learning approaches whenever feasible to speed up the entire preparation process even further without compromising accuracy.

In addition to all these technical capabilities, one thing that sets us apart from other providers is our deep knowledgebase about various aspects related to data preparation – from statistical theory through software development best practices – which allows us to develop tailored solutions designed specifically for our client’s needs.

Developing Visual Representations Of Data

Having prepared the data for visualization, it is now time to develop visual representations of this data. The goal is to use visuals as a tool to interpret trends and gain insight into an organization’s operations. This requires a combination of methodological expertise in data mining algorithms and artistic mastery over the chosen graphics design software.

Novatia Consulting provides clients with experienced professionals who are capable of delivering high-quality outputs that can be used by decision makers across multiple industries. Our experts have extensive experience dealing with complex datasets, which allows them to quickly identify patterns in the data and develop meaningful visualizations from them. Furthermore, our team also employs cutting-edge analysis techniques such as machine learning models or interactive dashboards to uncover business insights on demand.

Visualization solutions created by Novatia Consulting enable organizations to rapidly assess their performance in areas like sales and marketing, customer service, financial planning, risk management, supply chain optimization, etc. Through these solutions businesses can easily spot bottlenecks or opportunities within their operations and adjust accordingly.

Additionally, they allow users to explore large datasets interactively thereby increasing productivity significantly compared to traditional analysis methods.

At Novatia Consulting we strive to provide our clients with customised solutions tailored specifically towards their individual needs while still leveraging industry best practices and proven technologies. Our expert consultants will work alongside your organisation every step of the way ensuring that you get maximum value out of your investments in data visualization technology.

Exploring Data With Visualizations

Data visualization is an invaluable tool to explore and gain insight from data. It enables businesses, organizations, and individuals to interpret complex datasets. Novatia Consulting specializes in helping clients unlock the potential of their data through effective visualizations:

  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms for real-time analytics
  • Generate insightful visuals from Big Data sets with ease
  • Build customized interactive dashboards based on client requirements
  • Utilize predictive modeling techniques to anticipate future trends in data analysis
  • Apply cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experience when exploring data

The team at Novatia Consulting follows a comprehensive approach that begins by understanding a client’s business objectives and then designing visualizations accordingly.

From basic charts and graphs to more sophisticated 3D models, our goal is to provide robust solutions tailored to each unique project. We also offer ongoing support throughout the entire process so that clients can get maximum value out of their data.

Our extensive expertise ensures that every visualization we create is visually appealing as well as accurate. Our focus on accuracy helps users understand patterns within various datasets quickly, allowing them to make informed decisions faster than ever before. Additionally, our years of experience enable us to bring innovative ideas into the mix while creating custom visualizations according to specific needs.

At Novatia Consulting, we believe in delivering excellence with every project we take on – no matter how big or small it may be. Our commitment has enabled us to become one of Nigeria’s leading providers of data visualization services, offering world-class quality at competitive prices.

Whether you are looking for quick insights into your dataset or need help developing full-fledged dashboards and applications – trust Novatia Consulting for all your data exploration needs!

Analyzing Results

Novatia Consulting can provide data visualization consulting services to assist in Nigeria. After gathering the required information and conducting an analysis, it is time to interpret the results. To do this accurately and effectively, a comprehensive understanding of the objectives must be developed.

It is necessary to compare the gathered requirements with what was found during the analysis in order to make sure that all expectations were met or exceeded. The interpretation process also involves looking for trends within the data collected by Novatia Consulting’s team.

These trends will help identify any areas where additional investigation may be warranted so that more detailed insights can be derived from the data set. The experts at Novatia are experienced in identifying these subtle patterns and using them as part of their consultant recommendations.

In addition to finding trends, Novatia’s consultants use visual representations such as charts, graphs, diagrams and maps to illustrate how different variables interact with each other. This type of representation makes for easier comprehension by stakeholders who might not have an extensive background on analyzing quantitative information.

Furthermore, visuals bring life into raw numbers which improves decision-making capabilities among those involved in making strategic business decisions based off of data findings. As part of its service offerings, Novatia Consulting provides insight on ways organizations could benefit from utilizing data visualization techniques when interpreting complex datasets.

When used properly, this approach aids in extracting meaningful conclusions from large amounts of data quickly and efficiently while providing clear communication between parties involved throughout the entire analytical process.

Communicating Insights

Effective communication of data insights is essential for successful data visualization consulting. Novatia Consulting understands that in order to maximize the impact of information, it must be presented in a way that resonates with an audience. To achieve this goal, there are several key components to consider when using visual storytelling and data literacy to communicate insights from complex data sets.

The first component is understanding the story behind the data. It is important to recognize how different elements within the dataset interact and influence one another, as well as what trends can be gleaned from those relationships. This requires identifying patterns, outliers or anomalies, and any other relevant details about the data set which may help inform decisions moving forward.

The second component is presenting this information in a visually appealing manner. Novatia Consulting helps clients design effective visuals that clearly illustrate their desired message while also being aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand by all audiences. Through careful selection of colours, imagery, typography and layout we ensure maximum impact on target viewers.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind overall objectives when creating these visuals – always making sure they align with your business goals and objectives while conveying insights effectively across multiple platforms (e.g., web-based presentations).

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Focus on clarity over complexity; use simple yet powerful visuals
  • Choose chart types appropriate for each type of insight
  • Use colour judiciously to emphasize key points
  • Include engaging narratives alongside visuals where possible

Data literacy combined with creative visual storytelling can create compelling messaging for any organization’s stakeholders — allowing them to gain actionable insights quickly and easily from complex datasets without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or clarity of purpose. By leveraging our expertise here at Novatia Consulting, you can trust us to deliver meaningful results through effective communications strategies tailored specifically for your needs.

Implementing Solutions

Having communicated the insights gained from data visualization, it is essential to move onto implementation of solutions.

At Novatia Consulting, we have a tested process for integrating technology into our clients’ businesses and organizations in order to maximize their potential. We begin by identifying trends in the data sets through visual representation of the information discovered, followed by comprehensive action plans that integrate technological tools with existing strategies.

Our team emphasizes collaboration between stakeholders – those who are affected by or influence changes within an organization. This means creating custom-made solutions that suit both technical and nontechnical personnel alike. Our approach ensures seamless integration of software applications as well as easy adoption among users.

We understand that different industries require different levels of expertise when implementing technologies for bettering processes, which is why our consultants strive to stay up-to-date on industry trends and techniques so they can provide tailored advice best suited for each client’s needs.

From initial research stages all the way to evaluating success metrics after completion of projects, Novatia Consulting provides top-notch services every step of the way.

Our goal is always to help companies reach their objectives faster and more efficiently than before — this involves taking into consideration costs associated with introducing new technologies but also ensuring long term ROI (Return On Investment).

With careful analysis and sound guidance, Novatia has been able to bring effective solutions to many organizations across Nigeria.

Providing Technical Support

Novatia Consulting provides technical support for data visualization projects. Our team of professionals assists in the entire process, from data preparation to visual analysis. We strive to ensure that all clients are able to generate effective graphical output.

Our experts have extensive experience with various software packages and can provide advice on choosing the right tools for a particular project. For example, we can recommend appropriate programs based on client needs and preferences. Furthermore, our consultants are also available to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the course of a project.

In addition to providing guidance throughout the development process, Novatia Consulting offers training services as well. We offer workshops and courses that focus on topics such as creating charts, formatting visuals, and using color effectively. These classes provide hands-on instruction in an effort to equip participants with the necessary skills needed for successful data visualization projects.

We understand how important it is for businesses and organizations to utilize their resources efficiently when it comes to data visualization initiatives. Therefore, our goal is to help achieve this through comprehensive solutions tailored specifically for each customer’s unique requirements:

  • Offering insights into industry trends and best practices
  • Assisting with selecting appropriate software packages
  • Providing ongoing technical assistance throughout the project lifespan

At Novatia Consulting, we believe in delivering results that exceed expectations while building long-term relationships with our partners along the way.

Offering Training Services

Having established the technical support services provided by Novatia Consulting, it is now necessary to consider a vital service in data visualization consulting: offering training services. Training sessions are an integral component of any successful data visualization project and can help ensure that end users have the skillset required to analyze their data effectively.

Training sessions with Novatia Consulting involve helping clients understand the fundamentals of data wrangling and cleaning as well as using various software tools for visualizing their datasets. The table below provides an overview of the different topics covered during each session:

Data CleaningUnderstanding how to prepare raw datasets for analysis
Data WranglingUsing SQL queries, Python scripting or other methods to manipulate data sets into usable forms
Software ToolsLearning how to use industry standard software like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI or Qlikview for analyzing & visualizing data sets

The training sessions conducted by Novatia Consulting provide both theoretical knowledge on best practices in data management but also practical experience in handling real-world problems through hands-on activities. All trainings are tailored according to individual needs; guaranteeing satisfaction from every client irrespective of their technical background.

Novatia Consulting offers additional support after a training session has been completed. This includes troubleshooting issues encountered while utilizing the learned techniques & providing consultation when needed. Thus, ensuring that all clients remain competent in applying their new knowledge and skills acquired during a training session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Data Visualization Consulting Services In Nigeria?

Evaluating the cost of data visualization consulting services in Nigeria is a complex process, as there are a variety of variables to consider.

An experienced consultant can provide an accurate assessment by taking into account factors such as project size, complexity and data security requirements.

Novatia Consulting offers tailored solutions that factor in all these elements for optimal results at competitive rates.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Data Visualization Project?

Data visualization projects typically take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Factors such as data security, data quality, and available resources can have an impact on the timeline for completion.

The more time that is invested in preparation and planning at the start of the project, the faster it will be completed.

Novatia Consulting provides carefully planned out timelines and works closely with their clients to ensure efficient delivery of their services while maintaining exceptional results.

What Size Of Data Sets Can Be Handled By The Novatia Consulting Team?

Novatia Consulting is experienced in working with a variety of data sets sizes. The team has experience in both data analytics and mining, allowing them to work with large datasets efficiently.

They have the capability to understand complex concepts, enabling them to identify insights from data that can be used for strategizing effectively.

Novatia Consulting also offers custom solutions for all types of clients, simplifying the process of integrating appropriate visualizations into their existing systems or processes.

Does Novatia Consulting Provide Data Visualization Services For Non-Nigerian Clients?

Novatia Consulting is a highly-regarded data visualization consulting firm that offers services not only to Nigerian clients, but to clients from all over the world.

The team of experts at Novatia specialize in data analytics and mining; providing custom solutions for businesses looking to better understand their customers through visual representation.

With its comprehensive range of data visualization services and decades of industry experience, Novatia provides an invaluable resource for any organization seeking accurate insights into customer behavior.

Are There Any Special Considerations When Choosing A Data Visualization Tool?

When selecting a data visualization tool, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

Data driven design should be the primary focus when looking for an effective and efficient tool.

The software must be able to provide accurate visualizations of data sets with interactive graphics that can easily be manipulated by users.

Additionally, the chosen tool should have features such as customization options, scalability capabilities, integration with other platforms or services, and cost effectiveness.

A good quality data visualization tool will allow businesses to leverage their data more effectively and accurately analyze trends over time.


Data visualization is a powerful tool for deriving insights from complex datasets. It can be used to quickly identify patterns and relationships that would otherwise remain hidden in the data.

Novatia Consulting provides comprehensive data visualization consulting services tailored to each client’s specific needs. The cost of such services depends on the type, size, and complexity of the project, but projects typically take three months or less to complete. Novatia Consulting has extensive experience working with Nigerian clients as well as international customers.

When selecting a data visualization tool, factors such as ease-of-use, scalability, integration capabilities should all be taken into consideration. With its deep technical expertise and robust suite of tools and processes, Novatia Consulting is well equipped to provide high quality data visualization solutions at competitive prices.

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