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Novatia Consulting is a prominent analytics and big data consulting firm in Nigeria. With a team of experienced professionals, Novatia provides comprehensive services to help organizations leverage the power of their data for better decision making. The company has helped several organizations achieve success through informed decisions based on reliable data insights.

This article explores some of the key capabilities that make Novatia an ideal partner for all your analytics and big data consulting needs in Nigeria.

The scope of services provided by Novatia includes data acquisition from various sources, advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, predictive modeling, visualizations tools and more. These powerful tools allow clients to gain real-time visibility into their operations in order to make meaningful changes swiftly.

Moreover, Novatia’s expert consultants are well versed with industry standards which allows them to provide relevant guidance throughout the entire process.

Data Acquisition Services

Data acquisition is a key element of any analytics and big data consulting project. Novatia Consulting understands the need to provide reliable services that allow clients to access, store, and manipulate their data easily.

Data mining plays an important role in this process; our experienced professionals can use advanced cloud computing tools to quickly locate relevant information from large data sets without compromising accuracy or security.

At Novatia Consulting, we take great care when collecting data for our customers. Our team has extensive experience in using various software platforms and technologies to obtain accurate results with minimal disruption to existing operations.

We understand the importance of ensuring all collected data is properly organized into meaningful categories so that analysis can be conducted efficiently. Furthermore, we are committed to protecting customer privacy by utilizing secure methods for storing and transferring sensitive information.

The ability to effectively organize and analyze acquired data is essential for successful analytics & bigdata consulting projects. To ensure optimal performance, Novatia Consulting employs sophisticated algorithms developed over years of research in order to accurately sort through vast amounts of structured and unstructured data sources.

This allows us to identify trends within the customer’s datasets which can then be used as part of comprehensive analytical solutions tailored specifically towards each client’s needs.

Novatia Consulting utilizes industry-leading techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI) combined with expert insights across multiple disciplines including mathematics, computer science, economics, finance, business management and more.

Our goal is always focused on delivering high quality results backed up by superior customer service at every step of the process – from initial consultation through final implementation of analytics & bigdata solutions.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The emergence of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have enabled organizations to solve complex problems at scale, leveraging immense amounts of data. As the use of ML and AI becomes more widespread, it is essential that ethical considerations are taken into account when implementing these technologies.

At Novatia Consulting, we recognize the value of AI Ethics in the development and deployment of AI-based solutions. We adhere to a set of best practices that promote responsible innovation while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and laws. This includes:

  • Ensuring transparency around how algorithms are trained
  • Adopting a data privacy by design approach for all projects
  • Implementing controls to audit algorithmic decision making processes

Deep Learning has made tremendous strides in recent years, allowing us to build sophisticated models capable of analyzing large datasets and generating accurate predictions. By employing Deep Learning techniques such as supervised learning or reinforcement learning, we can create powerful systems that can automate tasks previously done manually or even make decisions on their own.

In addition, our team also provides guidance on managing emerging risks associated with artificial intelligence applications. Our experts help clients understand where they need to focus their efforts to ensure that their technology is being used responsibly and ethically. We take an integrated approach towards risk management by considering factors such as cultural context, regulatory landscape, organizational culture and technological capabilities.

We strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding new developments in the field of machine learning & artificial intelligence so that we can continue providing top-notch service to our clients. Through rigorous research coupled with practical experience, we aim to be leaders in this space.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling is an important tool used in analytics and big data consulting, especially at Novatia Consulting. It provides a means of forecasting future outcomes through statistical analysis of existing data sets. This technique can be applied to many areas such as customer segmentation, product recommendations, disease diagnosis, and financial risk management.

The process of predictive modeling involves collecting and transforming data from various sources into structured datasets that can then be analyzed using machine learning algorithms. By applying a combination of regression methods, classification models, clustering techniques, neural networks, decision trees and other analytical tools, the modeler can generate insights about potential trends or patterns which can be used for decision-making purposes.

To effectively use predictive modelling it is important to have domain knowledge and understanding of the problem area being addressed. The accuracy of the results will depend on how well the model captures the underlying relationships between variables within the dataset. Additionally, it is essential to consider any potential biases or errors when constructing the model so as not to draw false conclusions.BenefitCost
Improved Decision MakingExpensive Initial Investment
Increased Efficiency & ProductivityTime Consuming Processes
More Accurate Predictions & ForecastsLimited Knowledge Required by Modeler

The application of predictive modeling has become increasingly popular due to its ability to provide more accurate predictions compared with traditional methods. Its capabilities offer organizations greater insight into their operations while also reducing costs associated with inefficient processes and decisions based on inaccurate information. However, despite these advantages there are still some drawbacks associated with this technology including expensive initial investments necessary for implementation as well as time consuming processes involved in developing reliable models. These limitations should be taken into account before engaging in predictive modeling activities; nonetheless overall it remains an effective method for making informed decisions based on sound analysis.

Data Visualization Solutions

Data visualization solutions are a critical element of analytics & big data consulting in Nigeria, as they enable clients to better understand the data and gain insights for informed decision-making. Novatia Consulting provides tailored data visualization solutions that leverage powerful tools to facilitate effective analysis and exploration of the data.

The following outlines some of the features our visualization solutions include:

  • Interactive dashboards – Our interactive dashboards allow users to explore their datasets from various angles, providing an intuitive way to visualize patterns and trends.
  • Dynamic charts – We provide dynamic chart options such as scatter plots, line graphs, bar charts and more, allowing you to easily identify relationships between different variables.
  • Storytelling capabilities – We use storytelling techniques with visual aids so that users can quickly interpret complex information in an engaging manner.

Data exploration is essential for successful analytics & big data consulting projects, which is why we pay special attention to ensure our visualization solutions support efficient investigation of the underlying data. By combining high-quality visuals with cutting-edge technology, we strive to deliver immersive experiences that make uncovering hidden insights effortless and enjoyable.

Our team is experienced in designing custom visualizations based on specific requirements while also leveraging existing libraries and frameworks when needed. As experts in this field, we will work closely with your organization to develop comprehensive visualization strategies that produce meaningful results.

Actionable Insights & Business Intelligence

The utilization of data warehousing and analytics automation to generate actionable insights and business intelligence can revolutionize the way businesses make decisions. The combination of these two aspects provides an opportunity for companies to analyze their performance, identify trends, predict outcomes and gain a better understanding of customer behavior in order to optimize operations and maximize profitability.

Data WarehousingAnalytics AutomationBenefits
CollectsAnalysesImproved Decision Making
OrganizesAutomatesIncreased Efficiency
StructuresStreamlinesEnhanced Customer Insights
IntegratesPrioritizes TasksReduced Cost & Risk Mitigation

With data warehousing, data is collected from multiple sources across the organization, organized into structured databases and integrated into one platform. This allows organizations to access all relevant information quickly while standardizing the way they store it. Additionally, analytics automation enables analysts to automate mundane tasks such as running queries or retrieving results from large datasets that would otherwise take significant time and resources when done manually. Through this process, analysts are able to prioritize more complex projects with greater efficiency than ever before.

By leveraging both data warehousing and analytics automation together, organizations can experience significant benefits such as improved decision making due to increased visibility into their operations and enhanced customer insights through deeper analysis capabilities. Moreover, there is also potential for cost savings by reducing manual labor hours needed along with risk mitigation since errors made during processes are greatly reduced.

Overall, utilizing big data tools like data warehousing and analytics automation has become increasingly popular among various industries since its ability to deliver real-time insights empowers organizations to stay ahead of competitors by responding promptly with informed decisions based on market conditions or customer feedback.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Novatia Consulting provides industry-specific solutions tailored to the needs of each client. Our goal is to create scalable, sustainable solutions that provide real time analytics and insights for our clients.

By leveraging a combination of advanced technologies and best practices from across industries, we can ensure reliable results with long-term value. Our team has extensive experience in big data analysis and consulting services and combines this knowledge with cutting edge technology capabilities.

We bring together experts who have worked in various sectors including finance, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. This ensures that we are able to develop comprehensive solutions to meet the unique challenges posed by different industries.

We understand that staying ahead of the competition requires continuous innovation and optimization of existing processes. To achieve this end, Novatia Consulting uses predictive modelling techniques such as machine learning algorithms which enable us to build custom models based on specific customer requirements.

Furthermore, these models are integrated into our platforms so they can be accessed easily at any point in time when needed. This process allows us to identify patterns, trends and correlations quickly with minimal effort while providing valuable insight into business operations allowing companies to make informed decisions about their strategies going forward.

As a result, customers can expect improved performance across all areas of operations leading to better outcomes overall.

Data Processing & Management

Data Processing & Management is an essential part of analytics and big data consulting. It requires a meticulous approach to ensure that the data gathered is accurate and secure.

At Novatia Consulting, our team strives to provide clients with quality service by utilizing various techniques for data cleansing, organization, and security:

  • Data Cleansing:
  • Identifying errors in datasets using statistical analysis
  • Applying algorithms to detect anomalies or outliers in the data
  • Removing duplicate entries from databases
  • Data Organization:
  • Segmenting customer information into relevant categories
  • Assigning unique identifiers for each record within a dataset

Data Security is also key when it comes to protecting sensitive client information. Our team takes extra measures such as encryption, authentication protocols and firewalls to protect confidential customer details. Furthermore, we adhere to industry standards like ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) to guarantee complete peace of mind for our customers.

In addition, Novatia Consultings’ experts conduct regular tests on systems and networks to monitor any suspicious activity while staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends so that your business can remain ahead of competition. By leveraging these strategies, we can help you maximize efficiency and ROI with every project undertaken at Novatia Consulting.

Client-Focused Consulting

Data processing and management are essential components when providing analytics and big data consulting services. This includes the gathering, organizing, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting of data to a client’s specifications.

In order to effectively provide this level of service it is necessary to move onto the next step in which these activities are performed with a client-focused approach. At Novatia Consulting we take an individualized approach that ensures our clients receive the most effective solutions for their specific needs.

Our team understands how important it is for the success of any project that strategic planning be incorporated into every stage of the process from start to finish. We also incorporate knowledge on best practices related to data architecture as well as policies and procedures designed to protect sensitive information while still achieving objectives within pre-determined timelines.

Our comprehensive understanding of technology helps us stay ahead of trends so that our clients can benefit from innovative solutions tailored specifically for them. Additionally, by having access to the latest tools combined with extensive experience in various industries we are able to identify gaps between current capabilities and those desired by customers allowing us to offer better insight when developing strategies.

Having established competencies in both business intelligence (BI) and analytics allows us to use cutting edge methods such as predictive modeling or machine learning algorithms when designing our customer’s projects. These techniques make sure they have all the resources needed at each phase ensuring successful outcomes no matter what type of challenge they may face along the way.

Customizable Solutions

At Novatia Consulting, we recognize the need for customized solutions for our clients. By understanding the individual challenges faced by each client, we can develop a tailored strategy to help them reach their business objectives and maximize their return on investment. Our team of experienced analysts are available to provide strategic planning that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

We take data security seriously at Novatia Consulting. We understand the importance of keeping sensitive information secure and ensure that all data is collected in compliance with industry standards and regulations. To further protect our clients’ data, we use cutting-edge technologies such as encryption, firewalls, and user authentication protocols.

Moreover, our team provides regular training sessions on data privacy and security best practices to ensure that everyone understands how important it is to keep confidential information safe.

Novatia Consulting’s commitment to providing effective big data analytics solutions does not end with just collection and analysis – but extends beyond this into actionable insights which can be used to inform decision making processes within an organization or across departments. From predictive modeling and forecasting techniques to social media sentiment analysis, our experts have the expertise required to tailor solutions that fit each customer’s unique needs.

In addition, Novatia Consulting offers consulting services related specifically to leveraging big data technology investments as well as creating strategies around utilizing existing resources more effectively. With a combination of technical knowledge and industry experience, our team has the ability to identify opportunities for improvement and create tactical plans for success.

Expert Guidance & Support

Novatia Consulting offers expert guidance and support in analytics & big data consulting. Our dedicated team of analysts are well-versed in the latest technologies, trends and best practices within the industry. Clients can rely on our experience to provide comprehensive solutions that meet their business needs.

We understand that strategic planning is a key factor when making decisions about how to direct resources for maximum efficiency and productivity. We have extensive experience with data governance development, implementation and evaluation across multiple industries. This allows us to help clients make informed decisions based on accurate analysis of existing industry standards, current processes and potential outcomes.

Our team provides sound advice backed by research driven insights which gives clients confidence when it comes to taking actionable steps towards achieving their goals. We also offer assistance with establishing measurable objectives, preparing detailed reports and monitoring progress over time. In addition, we provide training sessions as needed so staff members are equipped with the knowledge necessary for success in each project phase.

From start to finish, Novatia Consulting equips organizations with the tools they need to be successful:

  • Strategic Planning:
  • Project assessments
  • Resource allocation reviews
  • Data analytics services
  • Data Governance:
  • Risk management strategies
  • Policies & procedures establishment
  • Compliance maintenance

Clients will benefit from having access to these specialized services delivered by an experienced group of professionals who strive for excellence in every aspect of their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Novatia Consulting’s Analytics And Big Data Consulting Services?

Novatia Consulting provides analytics and big data consulting services to help clients with data mining, risk management, and other related tasks.

The cost of these services varies depending on the scope of work. Factors such as project complexity and duration can also affect pricing.

Clients should contact Novatia Consulting directly for more detailed information about the cost of their analytics and big data consulting services.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Implement An Analytics And Big Data Consulting Solution?

When implementing an analytics and big data consulting solution, the time frame depends on factors such as the size of the project, complexity of requirements and available resources.

Generally speaking, projects involving large volumes of data or more complex data integration may take longer than those with simple data visualization needs.

The implementation process typically involves a series of steps which include gathering business requirements; designing a system for capturing, storing and managing data; developing reports to identify trends in the dataset; deploying models that can be used for further analysis; and finally testing the system before going live.

It is usually recommended to plan ahead so as not to exceed expected deadlines when delivering results.

Does Novatia Consulting Provide Training Or Tutorials On Analytics And Big Data Consulting?

Novatia Consulting is a consulting firm specialized in data science and business intelligence.

The company provides tutorials and trainings on analytics and big data consulting to clients who want to improve their understanding of the subject.

Novatia offers an array of courses that cover topics such as predictive modeling, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), graph databases, distributed computing, cloud computing technologies, visualization tools, and more.

The training sessions are tailored to meet each organization’s needs based upon their current level of knowledge and desired outcome.

Does Novatia Consulting Provide Analytics And Big Data Consulting Services To International Clients?

Novatia Consulting is a data analytics and big data consulting firm that provides services to international clients. The company specializes in data visualization, predictive modeling and other advanced methods of analysis.

They are experienced in helping organizations gain more insight into their business operations by leveraging the power of analytics and big data. The team at Novatia Consulting has extensive experience working with businesses from around the world on projects related to analytics & big data consulting.

Their knowledgeable consultants have helped many customers achieve their goals through innovative solutions tailored for each customer’s individual needs.

What Is The Minimum Size Project That Novatia Consulting Will Accept?

Novatia Consulting provides data-driven and strategic analytics & big data consulting services for projects of all sizes.

The minimum size project that the company will accept is dependent on the complexity of the work required, with a baseline understanding that each solution should be tailored to specific clients needs.

For example, more complex analyses may require additional resources therefore requiring a larger minimum size than simpler projects.


Novatia Consulting offers tailored analytics and big data consulting services to meet the needs of clients. Their team has extensive knowledge and experience in this field, ensuring that projects are completed quickly and efficiently. They also provide training and tutorials on analytics and big data consulting to ensure their customers have an understanding of the solutions they receive.

Furthermore, Novatia Consulting is open to working with international clients as well as small scale projects. With these comprehensive services, Novatia Consulting can be trusted to provide quality results at a competitive price point.

Ultimately, by hiring Novatia Consulting for analytics and big data consulting needs, organizations are sure to receive timely implementation of effective solutions from experienced professionals who strive for customer satisfaction.

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