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Novatia Consulting is a sustainability reporting consulting firm that specializes in providing services to organizations based in Nigeria. Our mission is to help companies develop and implement sustainable practices, while also enhancing their financial performance.

We offer a wide range of sustainability-related services such as strategic planning, reporting, and analysis. Our team has extensive experience working with both public sector and private sector entities throughout the region. Additionally, we have expertise in conducting research on various topics related to sustainability, including climate change risks and opportunities, water security, energy efficiency, waste management systems and more.

By leveraging our knowledge and skillset, Novatia Consulting can provide guidance for companies seeking to improve their current operations or expand into new markets.

Strategic Planning Services

Novatia Consulting provides strategic planning services in Nigeria to help organizations achieve their sustainability goals. We specialize in social impact and stakeholder engagement, allowing us to provide clients with tailored solutions for a range of objectives.

Our team of experts can advise on the appropriate strategies for an organization’s needs based on current industry trends and best practices. We will work closely with our clients throughout the process, ensuring that all stakeholders are engaged effectively and that any potential risks or issues are identified at an early stage. This allows us to develop robust plans which take into account both short-term objectives and long-term sustainability goals.

As part of this service we also assist clients in implementing these plans within their own operations and measuring progress against them over time. Our approach is centered around developing comprehensive strategies that focus on achieving positive outcomes for society as well as financial gains.

We believe it is essential to ensure that businesses benefit not only from increased profits but also from a greater level of public trust, improved relationships with stakeholders, and tangible social impacts. To achieve these aims, we employ expert researchers who investigate emerging trends in corporate responsibility and then apply findings directly to real-world scenarios.

At Novatia Consulting we understand how vital effective strategic planning is when it comes to meeting sustainability targets successfully. That’s why we strive to use our experience and expertise to create bespoke plans which yield tangible results for our clients while driving forward change in Nigeria through sustainable development initiatives.

Reporting Services

At Novatia Consulting, we understand that sustainability reporting is an essential process for organizations to show accountability and transparency. We are dedicated to providing our clients with comprehensive services related to regulatory compliance and social responsibility.

Our range of reporting services includes help in understanding the relevant regulations, developing strategies for meeting those requirements, preparing reports according to industry standards, as well as ongoing support throughout the entire process.

Our consultants have extensive experience in helping companies develop their sustainability policies and practices. We can assist you in identifying your organization’s key stakeholders and evaluating the impacts of various activities on them. We also provide guidance on how best to communicate these results clearly and effectively through corporate sustainability reports.

We use a holistic approach when it comes to assessing organizational performance towards achieving sustainability objectives. This includes mapping out current processes, establishing benchmarks against which progress can be measured, setting targets based on long-term goals, and monitoring performance over time so any necessary corrective action can be taken if needed.

All this contributes towards making sure that our clients remain compliant with applicable regulatory requirements while demonstrating social responsibility within their organizations.

Novatia Consulting strives to ensure that all our client’s needs are met by delivering bespoke solutions tailored specifically for each company’s unique situation. Through our years of expertise in sustainability reporting consultancy we guarantee successful outcomes no matter what size or complexity of project you may have at hand.

Analysis Services

Novatia Consulting is well-positioned to provide targeted analysis services that are tailored towards sustainability reporting. Our team of experts can help organizations identify opportunities for improvement, develop strategies to achieve their goals and implement processes which will ensure success in the long run.

We offer a range of specialized services including:

  1. Data Visualization – Drawing insights from complex data sets and creating visual representations that bring out key information quickly and effectively.
  2. Strategic Planning – Developing comprehensive plans with realistic timelines and measurable outcomes that take into account the organization’s current resources while also providing guidance on possible areas of investment or expansion.
  3. Policy Guidance – Advising on best practices for sustainable development and offering guidance on how to integrate these into an existing framework or create new policies as needed.

Our consultants have extensive experience working with clients across various industries and our expertise allows us to provide highly effective solutions that meet each client’s specific needs. By leveraging both traditional and innovative approaches, we strive to ensure optimal results for all stakeholders involved.

Climate Change Risks & Opportunities

Analysis Services offered by Novatia Consulting provide organizations with the tools to develop an effective sustainability strategy and reporting framework. This includes assessing climate change risks and opportunities unique to their organization, industry, and region.

Organizations must be aware of both potential liabilities associated with climate change as well as new business opportunities emerging from it. In Nigeria, this could mean investing in renewable energy sources, reducing reliance on carbon-intensive industries, or implementing a robust carbon trading system across various sectors.

Sustainable finance can also help reduce financial risk derived from environmental regulation that may arise due to increased efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Novatia Consulting offers its clients comprehensive guidance and expertise on how best to manage these climate change risks and capitalize on sustainable economic opportunities.

We analyze existing policies and regulations around Climate Change mitigation strategies at the local level while helping our client understand the global implications of their actions concerning environmental protection, human rights standards, labor practices, etc. Our team provides tailored advice for developing policies that are appropriate for each organization’s specific context within Nigerian markets.

Our services regarding climate change analysis include developing long-term plans for transitioning away from fossil fuel dependence towards low carbon economy models; advising on regulatory compliance related to national & international laws; creating innovative financial solutions utilizing green funding mechanisms such as Green bonds; providing training about environmentally responsible corporate governance structures; measuring progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) set out by leading initiatives like Global Reporting Initiative (GRI); and benchmarking current operations against industry peers.

Water Security Solutions

Nigeria is facing a major challenge in preserving the security of its water resources. To address this issue, Novatia Consulting recommends implementing various sustainability initiatives that focus on water conservation.

Novatia Consulting suggests utilizing innovative techniques such as rainwater harvesting and using efficient irrigation systems to reduce wastage of water. This will help conserve precious ground and surface water sources, which enable farmers to increase their crop yields without depleting natural freshwater resources.

Additionally, adopting practices such as watershed management can improve soil fertility by reducing the amount of sedimentation entering streams or rivers from agricultural runoff.

The government should also invest in educating citizens about sustainable methods for managing water consumption. Awareness campaigns encourage people to use less energy-intensive methods for extracting and treating drinking water, thereby helping to reduce consumer demand while protecting public health standards. It is also important to develop policies that incentivize communities to adopt more environmentally conscious behavior when it comes to conserving fresh drinking water sources.

In order to ensure long-term success, monitoring must be implemented throughout all these sustainability initiatives so that progress towards achieving better outcomes can be tracked over time.

By taking a proactive approach that combines both governmental regulation and community education, Nigeria has the potential to become a leader in setting an example for other countries looking towards improved water security solutions.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Water security solutions are essential for sustainable growth and development in Nigeria.

Energy efficiency solutions, however, can be a powerful complement to these strategies.

Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydropower offer significant opportunities to reduce the country’s dependency on fossil fuels.

With proper implementation of renewable resources, carbon emissions can be significantly reduced.

This is especially true if coupled with strategies like Carbon Auditing that measure an organization’s direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions over a period of time.

Nigeria has implemented several initiatives towards improving energy efficiency and encouraging the use of renewable energy sources.

The Federal Government through its Rural Electrification Agency has provided access to electricity services in rural areas since 2001 by installing power generation plants powered by solar photovoltaic systems at certain locations across the country.

Additionally, multiple private companies have also employed successful projects based on renewable energies such as Solar Home Systems (SHS) which provide households with reliable electricity supply with minimal grid connection requirements.

In addition to deploying renewables into the national energy mix, further efforts should focus on enhancing their effectiveness and providing incentives for investments in sustainability technologies.

Such measures could include simplifying bureaucratic procedures related to installation permits or creating attractive financial products that enable individuals and businesses to invest more easily in green technologies such as biogas plants or electric vehicles charging stations.

Furthermore, public-private partnerships can play an important role in stimulating technological innovation while contributing to reducing environmental impact from climate change activities.

These measures will serve not only to increase access to clean energy but also create new jobs linked directly or indirectly with the production or sale of low-carbon goods and services within the Nigerian economy.

It is therefore clear that concerted action guided by comprehensive policies designed around energy efficiency principles must take place if long-term sustainability goals are going to be met effectively.

Waste Management Systems

The sustainable management of waste is a key component in the advancement of communities and nations. It is particularly important to consider how this relates to Nigeria, where resources are scarce and environmental impacts can be highly damaging when not managed properly.

In order for meaningful advances to be made in sustainability reporting consulting, Novatia Consulting must pay particular attention to waste management systems, which should include recycling initiatives and green investments. Recycling initiatives are an integral part of any comprehensive waste management system. They reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of and reused materials save energy over their lifecycle compared with those produced from raw materials. This can lead to cost savings as well as helping preserve natural resources. Green investments also play a role in establishing effective waste management systems by increasing access to appropriate technology, creating jobs related to clean-up activities or launching campaigns promoting responsible disposal practices.

Nigeria has seen some progress on these fronts but much more needs to be done. Currently there is no nationwide policy governing proper disposal of hazardous wastes such as electronics or medical chemicals; many regions lack infrastructure necessary for proper sorting or collection; individuals have limited incentives for engaging in environmentally friendly behavior; and regional governments often lack funds needed for implementation of large scale projects like landfills or incinerators.

To counter these issues, Novatia Consulting should emphasize education around the importance of investing in safe and efficient methods of disposing waste while advocating for greater investment into local programs designed to improve existing systems. Novatia Consulting’s efforts will require a combination of technical expertise and creative solutions tailored specifically towards Nigerian conditions – all within the framework provided by international standards such as ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems).

With these strategies applied thoughtfully and effectively, it is possible for substantial improvements in sustainability reporting outcomes across Nigeria’s various sectors – including tangible benefits at both individual and national levels.

Public & Private Sector Expertise

Efficient waste management systems are essential to achieving sustainability goals, and the public and private sectors each have a role to play in their implementation. In order for these systems to be successful, it is necessary to leverage the expertise of both sectors.

Novatia Consulting has extensive experience providing support in this area. Our team possesses an intricate understanding of:

  • Sustainability education initiatives that educate businesses about best practices in waste management and how they can reduce their carbon footprint
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies that enable businesses to build relationships with local stakeholders who have an interest in sustainable solutions
  • Strategies for developing effective communication plans between government departments regarding waste management issues
  • Policies aimed at incentivizing recycling programs among companies

This knowledge allows us to provide valuable insights when working with our clients on implementing sustainable waste management systems. We also recognize the importance of considering cultural nuances as part of any solution we develop, which ensures that all stakeholders’ interests are taken into account.

This results in more efficient waste management outcomes that align with overall sustainability objectives.

In addition, Novatia Consulting understands the need for transparency when it comes to reporting on progress towards sustainability targets – including those related to waste reduction efforts. We employ comprehensive data collection methods and verification protocols designed to ensure accurate tracking of performance metrics over time. As such, our clients receive reliable reports on their progress which provides them with the information they need to make informed decisions going forward.

Research & Development Services

Novatia Consulting offers a comprehensive range of research and development services for organizations seeking to enhance their sustainability reporting. These services are tailored to the specific needs of each organization, with particular focus on areas such as carbon trading and green accounting. Our team is comprised of specialists in these fields who have extensive experience working with companies from various sectors, ensuring that our clients receive expert advice when it comes to sustainability reporting.

In order to ensure successful outcomes, Novatia Consulting has developed an innovative framework which includes the following five steps:

1Developing & Implementing Sustainability GoalsSetting ambitions goals which will lead towards enhanced sustainability performance
2Assessing Current PracticesIdentifying gaps between current practices and desired objectives
3Designing StrategiesCreating actionable strategies that can be implemented across all departments within an organisation
4Executing PlansEnsuring plans are properly executed by developing customised management systems
5  Reporting ResultsTracking progress through data-driven reports focused on key indicators relevant to sustainability                                                                                                                                                                      • Analyzing results in order to identify potential improvements                     

This approach enables us to work closely with our clients in order to develop tailored solutions which meet their unique requirements. In addition, we provide ongoing support during implementation so that organisations can achieve their sustainability targets efficiently and effectively.

Market Expansion Services

Novatia Consulting provides comprehensive market expansion services to ensure the success of our clients. Our approach is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs in order to develop an effective and achievable plan for growth. We offer a variety of professional services, including strategic planning, market analysis, and targeted marketing campaigns.

Our team works closely with communities around Nigeria to identify opportunities for increased exposure and engagement. We use data-driven insights on local markets and trends to inform our decisions while creating meaningful relationships through community outreach programs. By forming these close connections, we create value not only for our clients but also for the wider public by helping them access resources more easily.

We understand that compliance with all applicable laws and regulations are vital when expanding into new markets. Novatia Consulting has deep expertise in local policy frameworks across Nigeria which allows us to navigate any potential legal pitfalls or externalities associated with entering a new domain quickly and efficiently. Our consultants provide valuable advice throughout the process of corporate expansion regarding compliance requirements as well as overall risk management practices.

With extensive experience in multi-sector sustainability reporting consulting in Nigeria, Novatia Consulting helps businesses grow successfully while maintaining their reputation within their target audiences. Our experienced professionals have helped many organizations expand effectively into new markets without compromising core values or mission statements – something we take great pride in achieving consistently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has Novatia Consulting Been Providing Sustainability Reporting Consulting Services?

Novatia Consulting has been providing sustainability consulting services for over a decade. The company specializes in green practices and sustainable development initiatives, helping organizations to manage their resources more efficiently in order to reduce risk and create long-term value.

Novatia’s expertise on the subject is rooted in its years of experience advising clients from various industries on matters related to corporate social responsibility, environmental protection, and human rights compliance. As a result, the firm is well-positioned to provide comprehensive sustainability reporting consulting solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

What Qualifications Do The Consultants Have?

Novatia Consulting has a team of experienced consultants offering sustainability reporting consulting services. Qualifications for the consultants include:

  • Extensive experience and knowledge in regulatory compliance
  • Impact assessment
  • Corporate sustainability strategies and implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication
  • Data analysis/reporting

The team is also proficient with ESG (Environmental Social Governance) principles and international standards such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Furthermore, Novatia Consulting hires individuals that possess an entrepreneurial mindset to ensure sustainability initiatives they develop are effective and deliver tangible results.

How Much Does Sustainability Reporting Consulting Cost?

When it comes to sustainability reporting consulting, cost is an important factor for consideration. It requires expertise and data-driven insights in order to provide value.

Novatia Consulting understands that each client’s needs are unique and the cost of consultancy services can vary based on the scope and complexity of the project. We strive to ensure a cost benefit balance by focusing on efficient delivery and leveraging our resources without compromising quality or service level agreements.

How Does Novatia Consulting Ensure Ethical And Responsible Practices?

Novatia Consulting ensures ethical and responsible practices through their corporate governance approach.

This includes providing advice on sustainability reporting, social responsibility, environmental protection and sustainable investments.

Their expertise in this area enables them to help clients identify risk areas within their organization and ensure they are compliant with applicable laws or regulations.

They also have a team of experienced professionals who can provide guidance on how best to implement good practices for the long-term success of their business.

Additionally, Novatia Consulting provides assistance throughout the entire process from initial consultation to final implementation of solutions that promote sustainability, accountability and transparency.

What Is The Track Record Of Novatia Consulting In Providing Successful Sustainability Reporting Consulting Solutions?

Novatia Consulting has a track record of providing successful sustainability reporting consulting solutions, with an emphasis on ensuring accuracy and meeting auditing standards.

The company’s experienced team is knowledgeable in the latest techniques for conducting thorough assessments to identify potential areas of improvement or risk.

Additionally, Novatia Consulting offers comprehensive analysis of reported data and results that are tailored specifically to each client’s unique needs.

As such, clients can be confident in their decision-making when it comes to sustainability reporting initiatives.


Novatia Consulting has been providing sustainability reporting consulting services for many years, and its consultants have the required qualifications to ensure that successful solutions are provided.

Its commitment to ethical and responsible practices is evident in its track record of delivering successful outcomes.

With a competitive pricing structure, Novatia Consulting offers an unparalleled level of expertise and experience in this field making it an ideal choice for companies looking to make progress on their sustainability goals.

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