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Quality Management Consulting is a key component of any successful business operating in Nigeria.

Novatia Consulting, an established provider of quality management consulting services, has been supporting businesses in the region for many years.

Our team provides comprehensive support to help ensure that clients can achieve their desired objectives and secure long-term success.

Novatia Consulting understands the unique challenges faced by businesses operating in Nigeria and use this understanding to develop tailored solutions that meet individual client needs.

Our experienced consultants bring together expertise from multiple disciplines including process improvement, risk assessment and project management to create high value results.

We believe these strategies enable us to provide our clients with a holistic approach to achieving their desired outcomes.

Process Improvement

Process improvement is a critical aspect of quality management consulting in Nigeria. At Novatia Consulting, we specialize in understanding customer needs and utilizing data analytics to improve processes accordingly. To this end, we employ Lean principles to identify potential areas for improvement within an organization’s process flow.

We understand that each business has its own unique set of challenges and objectives when it comes to improving the efficiency of their operations. Our team takes into account any existing customer feedback or requirements before proposing solutions tailored to meet individual organizational goals. Additionally, we consider stakeholders’ perspectives on how changes may impact them directly or indirectly.

To ensure our clients receive maximum value from our services, we design process improvement strategies based on both current industry standards and best practices as well as insights gleaned from our analyses of the client’s data sets.

We also use predictive analytics software to provide decision-makers with real-time information on what approach would yield the most successful outcome over time.

Our expertise enables us to identify opportunities for automation and cost savings throughout organizations’ operational activities while preserving product quality and integrity at all times. In addition, our deep experience in developing effective change management programs ensures that our proposed improvements are successfully implemented and sustained long after project completion.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment process is a critical component of quality management consulting. To ensure the best outcomes for clients, Novatia Consulting implements an effective and comprehensive approach to risk modelling and analysis. This includes:

  1. Identifying potential sources of errors or risks in the client’s operations;
  2. Analyzing how these sources may affect the organization holistically;
  3. Developing strategies to minimize those risks while maintaining operational performance standards; and
  4. Implementing appropriate control measures to ensure that any residual risks are managed regularly over time.

In order to identify areas where improvement can be made, Novatia evaluates trends and patterns observed through data collection and risk modelling techniques such as Monte Carlo simulations, decision trees, fault tree analyses (FTAs), sensitivity analyses, event chain diagrams (ECDs) and probability impact matrices (PIM).

Through this combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches, it is possible to gain a more complete understanding of the intricate interplay between individual elements within the system that could lead to unexpected results if not properly monitored. The end result is a heightened level of confidence in forecasting future scenarios based on existing evidence-based models.

Novatia also applies rigorous testing procedures in its implementation of quality control processes across all levels of the organization. This involves frequent checks by experienced personnel with specific expertise in different aspects related to organizational dynamics, ensuring that detailed criteria are met before final approval can be given for full deployment.

By employing both proactive preventive methods as well as reactive corrective actions when needed, Novatia ensures that its clients’ interests remain safeguarded from any unforeseen issues arising out of their operations throughout each phase of development or production cycle.

Through continuous monitoring and evaluation throughout every stage of our work together with our clients, we strive to achieve optimal efficiency under varied conditions while adhering strictly to safety protocols established by regulatory entities at all times. Our goal is always to provide superior services tailored specifically towards building long-term sustainable solutions for any business challenge presented before us – no matter how complex or nuanced they may seem at first glance.

Project Management

Project management is an integral part of successful quality management consulting.

At Novatia Consulting, we focus on cost control and customer satisfaction in our project management strategies.

We offer comprehensive analysis to ensure that projects are completed within budget and to the highest possible standards.

Our team assesses each task for potential risks and identifies key performance indicators to ensure that all necessary steps are taken during a project’s lifecycle.

Our methods adhere to industry-standard best practices, which include developing realistic goals, managing resources efficiently and setting up contingencies against unforeseen circumstances.

Additionally, our consultants maintain constant contact with stakeholders throughout the duration of a project – from planning through completion – in order to guarantee customer satisfaction at every stage of the process.

We also understand that technology is essential for any organization looking to maximize profits by streamlining processes.

To this end, Novatia Consulting provides support services such as software integration testing, system installation assistance and technical training programs tailored specifically to individual client needs.

This allows us to respond quickly when changes occur or new requirements arise while still keeping costs under control.

Novatia Consulting ensures maximum value delivery through effective resource optimization and proactive problem solving techniques.

By leveraging our deep pool of experienced professionals, we can provide superior results across multiple industries regardless of size or complexity level.

Quality Assurance

Project management is an essential element of any successful organization. It involves planning, scheduling, budgeting and resource allocation in order to ensure the timely completion of projects within scope.

Quality assurance is another critical component for achieving successful outcomes that meet customer requirements. Quality assurance focuses on ensuring that all processes are carried out correctly and efficiently and lead to satisfactory results while controlling costs.

Quality assurance begins with establishing standards through a process known as quality control. This involves setting specific goals and guidelines for each project based on customer satisfaction needs and expectations.

The next step is to evaluate how those goals are met by assessing the design specifications, materials used, production methods employed, delivery times and other factors related to the product or service being offered. Through careful analysis and review of these criteria it can be determined whether they have been successfully achieved or not.

Cost control plays an important role in quality assurance because it helps determine if resources are allocated effectively throughout the duration of a project. In addition, cost control allows organizations to track their spending against original budgets so that adjustments can be made when necessary in order to remain competitive and maximize profits.

By implementing effective quality assurance measures such as cost control, organizations can increase efficiency which leads to improved customer satisfaction levels over time.

Companies must strive for continuous improvement in order to remain relevant in today’s marketplace and provide customers with value-added products or services that meet their exact needs.

Iso Standards Compliance

Novatia Consulting is well-versed in the area of ISO standards compliance. Our team specializes in providing solutions to organizations that are looking for ways to ensure their operations remain compliant with international quality management standards.

We understand that such compliance can be difficult and costly, so we strive to provide cost-effective solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our consultants have extensive experience working in the field of quality assurance and they are highly trained in helping companies stay up-to-date on the latest regulations surrounding ISO compliance.

They can help assess existing systems and processes while offering advice on potential changes or improvements needed to bring an organization into full compliance with international standards. Furthermore, our team has developed a range of tools designed specifically for efficient implementation, enforcement, and cost optimization when it comes to achieving regulatory adherence.

At Novatia Consulting, we recognize that ensuring ongoing ISO compliance requires careful planning and continual monitoring by both internal staff as well as external parties like auditors from certifying bodies. To this end, our experts use innovative methods such as data analytics and predictive modeling techniques to identify areas where non-compliance may exist before any issues arise.

This allows us to take proactive steps towards preventing future problems and taking corrective action when necessary. We believe that consistent adherence to the highest quality protocols is essential for success within today’s competitive landscape and Novatia Consulting offers comprehensive services aimed at helping firms achieve optimal levels of production efficiency while also maintaining strict levels of regulatory control over their operations through effective compliance enforcement strategies.

Quality Audits

Having established the importance of ISO standards compliance in quality management consulting, it is equally important to consider the need for quality audits.

Quality audits are conducted to assess and measure the degree of conformance with product requirements or industry regulations. They provide assurance that processes and products meet quality objectives set by an organization’s leadership.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction and a reliable supply chain, organizations must adhere to these criteria:

  1. Identify which products and services require audit
  2. Designate lead auditor responsible for auditing process
  3. Establish clear audit objectives
  4. Develop proper methods for testing against criteria

In addition to assessing performance internally, external audits may be conducted on suppliers or partners in order to identify opportunities for improvement and verify correct implementation of policies related to safety, security, environmental protection, etc.

Internal audits can also determine whether corrective action has been taken after any non-conformances have been identified during prior assessments. It is essential that organizations have a systemized approach when performing internal or external quality audits in order to effectively review their operations at all levels and adjust accordingly as needed.

Quality inspections involve evaluating each individual item or unit produced according to predetermined specifications while conducting sample checks on larger batches of items or units being shipped out from a facility or warehouse.

This helps detect errors before they reach customers so that any issues can be addressed quickly without compromising overall service delivery levels—which indicates that having a robust inspection plan is key towards achieving customer satisfaction goals over time.

Overall, successful quality management requires constant evaluation of existing processes within an organization through various analysis techniques such as benchmarking, root cause analysis (RCA), statistical process control (SPC) charts, gap analysis among others; this serves as part of the monitoring efforts required for strategic decision making purposes aimed at delivering superior value throughout the supply chain network along with enhancing customer experience in terms of reliability and trustworthiness across multiple touchpoints.

Training And Education

Novatia Consulting is committed to providing the highest quality of training and education services for businesses in Nigeria. Our team of experts have developed a range of mentoring programs that are designed to enhance existing skillsets and knowledge, as well as develop new ones.

We also provide comprehensive communication strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs, ensuring their success in any organizational environment. Our approach combines both traditional methods with modern techniques such as interactive learning modules and e-learning platforms to ensure maximum engagement from participants.

We know how difficult it can be to keep up with ever-changing industry standards while still keeping up with everyday tasks – our program will help you stay ahead of the curve without sacrificing valuable time or resources. At Novatia Consulting we are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous improvement through ongoing feedback, assessment, and evaluation processes throughout all stages of our training and education programs.

Through this process, we identify areas for growth and development within an organization so that improvements can be made quickly and efficiently. Our experienced professionals are always on hand to offer guidance when needed in order to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

We understand the importance of investing in people which is why we strive to create meaningful learning experiences that enable individuals to reach their full potential. This helps build long-term relationships between employees, management teams, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders – resulting in greater overall satisfaction levels across the board.

Business Analysis

The previous section focused on training and education in quality management consulting, providing a detailed overview of the processes involved. Now moving to the next step – business analysis – it is important to understand how data can be used effectively to drive successful outcomes for clients.

Data visualization plays an integral role in this process as it allows one to extract meaning from raw data quickly and easily. This enables consultants to identify trends, pinpoint areas for improvement and ultimately make more informed decisions that are tailored specifically to each client’s unique needs. In addition, customer feedback provides valuable insights into what works well and what doesn’t, allowing organizations to fine-tune their strategies accordingly.

To ensure success during business analysis, there are three key steps:

  • Data Collection: Collecting accurate information relevant to the project at hand is essential in order to draw meaningful conclusions. Different methods such as surveys or focus groups may be employed depending on the situation.
  • Data Analysis: Once sufficient data has been obtained, it must then be analyzed using appropriate techniques such as statistical modelling or regression analysis. Visualizations help provide clarity when making sense of complex datasets.
  • Interpretation/Recommendations: The final stage involves interpreting results and formulating recommendations based on findings from both quantitative and qualitative sources. These should be actionable with clear objectives outlined so that measurable progress can be tracked over time.

Business analysis is therefore a critical component of any quality management consulting engagement, requiring effective use of resources along with skillful interpretation of results in order to achieve optimal outcomes for clients.

Performance Management

Performance management is a critical component of any organization’s success. It involves the systematic assessment and development of employees’ skills, abilities, and competencies to ensure optimal productivity.

At Novatia Consulting, we use performance management to help organizations identify areas for improvement in their talent acquisition process as well as quality control measures. We provide customized solutions that address each unique organizational need by leveraging our team’s expertise in data-driven performance management systems.

Our approach begins with an analysis of current processes, followed by training sessions designed to create better alignment between employees’ abilities and job requirements. We then assess employee progress through regular feedback loops while providing support on relevant topics such as goal setting, communication strategies, conflict resolution techniques, and other interpersonal dynamics.

Our methodologies are also focused on developing individual growth plans tailored to each employee’s professional goals and career aspirations. This ensures that individuals feel supported in their pursuits while working towards the overall objectives of the organization they serve.

Moreover, our specialist consultants can offer guidance on how to effectively communicate expectations across departments so that everyone is held accountable for meeting their targets during quarterly reviews or annual appraisals.

By integrating best practices from various disciplines into an effective program for performance management, Novatia Consulting enables clients to build high performing teams capable of achieving greater levels of success. With this comprehensive suite of services at their disposal, businesses can trust us to provide insights needed for creating and sustaining long-term competitive advantages in today’s ever evolving markets.

Regulatory Compliance

Having addressed the importance of performance management, it is now necessary to focus on regulatory compliance.

Regulatory compliance refers to an organization’s adherence to laws, regulations, standards and ethical practices relevant to its industry or sector. Organizations must be aware of their legal obligations in order to successfully meet all requirements set out by governing bodies.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand how important it is for organizations operating in Nigeria to remain compliant with the local laws and regulations that are applicable in their respective industries. We provide a comprehensive range of services that include:

  1. Data mapping and analysis
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Creating policies and procedures aligned with legal frameworks
  4. Customer feedback collection for continual improvement

Through our data mapping processes, we can identify potential areas of non-compliance which require urgent attention from organisations as well as ensure proper documentation for future reference purposes.

Our risk assessments allow us to develop strategies tailored specifically for each organisation’s unique context thereby providing optimal solutions that are guaranteed to help them comply with the required rules and regulations more efficiently. This process also helps our clients create suitable policies and procedures that adhere strictly with legal frameworks within their specific industry while ensuring customer satisfaction remains at the fore front of decision making processes within these organisations.

Furthermore, collecting customer feedback through various channels allows organisations gain valuable insights into what they are doing right as well as what needs improvements going forward; this information aids efforts towards achieving total regulatory compliance in a sustainable manner over time.

By utilizing Novatia Consulting’s expertise in quality management consulting, organisations will have access to experienced professionals who specialize in helping businesses stay up-to-date with current legislation as well remaining vigilant about any forthcoming changes so they can prepare adequately before new guidelines become mandatory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Services Provided By Novatia Consulting?

Novatia Consulting provides process improvement and customer feedback services to help organizations achieve their quality management goals.

The cost of these services depends on the individual organization’s needs, but generally falls within a range determined by factors such as the size of the project or the complexity of the problem being addressed.

Novatia Consulting also offers customized packages that allow clients to tailor service offerings based on their specific requirements.

What Is The Level Of Experience Of The Consultants At Novatia Consulting?

Novatia Consulting offers a team of highly experienced consultants who specialize in quality management consulting.

Each consultant has extensive experience with strategic planning, risk mitigation and other services related to quality management.

With decades of collective experience, the consultants at Novatia are able to provide quality solutions for clients that meet their individual needs and goals.

What Is The Typical Duration Of Engagements With Novatia Consulting?

The typical duration of engagements with Novatia Consulting is dependent on the specific needs and objectives of each customer. Generally, projects may last from a few months to one year or more based on best practices and customer feedback.

At Novatia Consulting, we understand that quality management consulting requires an individualized approach in order to achieve desired results, which is why our team works closely with customers to create custom solutions tailored to their particular situation.

Does Novatia Consulting Offer Remote Consulting Services?

Novatia Consulting offers remote access consulting services, allowing customers to benefit from the expertise of their quality management consultants without having to be onsite.

This type of service is especially beneficial for businesses that are geographically dispersed or have limited resources available in-house.

Additionally, customer feedback gathered via virtual consultations allows the firm to better understand and meet the needs of its clients.

What Is The Customer Satisfaction Rate Of Novatia Consulting?

Novatia Consulting is considered one of the leading firms in quality management consulting with a high customer satisfaction rate.

To benchmark standards and optimize services, Novatia uses various techniques to ensure customers are satisfied with the results. Through rigorous analysis, research and evaluation methods, they create custom solutions that meet their clients’ needs.

The company also regularly evaluates its performance using surveys and interviews to understand how it can better serve its customers. This commitment to excellence has resulted in a consistently high customer satisfaction rate for Novatia Consulting.


Novatia Consulting is a quality management consulting firm based in Nigeria. They offer comprehensive services that are tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

Their experienced consultants provide both remote and onsite consultations, with engagements typically lasting up to two weeks. The cost for these services is reasonable, without sacrificing the quality of their work.

Moreover, Novatia’s customer satisfaction rate speaks volumes about its commitment to providing excellent service and results. With their expertise and dedication, Novatia Consulting offers an invaluable resource for businesses throughout Nigeria looking to improve their operations through quality management initiatives.

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