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Soft ware translation services In lagos, Abuja and Port harcourt Nigeria

What are the challenges of translating software?

Translating software for multiple global markets creates a host of challenges, from understanding the various technical and functional requirements to the actual translation, build, and testing processes.

How to localise and launch your software globally across markets

The software localisation process involves more than just hiring someone to translate the words of your software into other languages. You need a partner who understands what works (and what doesn’t) in other cultures. And one who understands the technical requirements involved.

This partner should also have experience with any of the file formats you might provide and know how to protect non-translatable source elements. Why? You want to ensure that when the files come back to you there are no issues.

Finally, there’s the task of software testing to ensure everything is working correctly and that you enjoy a seamless launch.

How to simplify your software translation challenges

At Novatia, we have the language and technical expertise to provide the software translation and localisation services you need. Combined with our insights and optimised processes, Novatia software translation and testing can help save you time, money, and rework.

In adapting your content for a target language and culture, we dig deeper to understand end-user scenarios, looking not just at content, but context as well across all elements including:

-Expansion and truncation
-Cultural relevance and adaptation

We can even help you with simultaneous shipping (sim-ship) of English and localised products.

By working with Novatia, you get an experienced partner with a knowledge of best practices and target markets. Our collaborative approach to developing translation solutions ensures that your software will do more than just work in another market. It’ll create a strong connection with the customers using it – wherever they may be.

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