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Group Interpretation
Simultaneous InterpretationWhether you are having a group meeting, a workshop or a negotiation, Reliable Translations, Inc. specializes in an array of simultaneous interpretation services. Our team of over 400 translators and interpreters hails from all over the world with skills in nearly every trade and profession. Whether you’re a corporation, small business, non-profit organization, marketing or legal firm; in the financial and trades business, a manufacturer, or part of the entertainment industry, we can assist you with the utmost professionalism, accuracy, and grace.

What Is An Interpreter?
A foreign language interpreter is someone who speaks two or more languages and has the ability to remember what was said in language A and repeat it in language B without making any changes or adding any biases. A good interpreter has experience in many fields and can interpret any sort of topic in any setting, whether it’s rocket science or a simple PTA meeting. Our hand-selected interpreters who were chosen for their vast experience, knowledge, helpfulness, and reliability. Our seasoned interpretation professionals can interpret practically anything in any language and simplify the flow of a meeting or conference.

Simultaneous Interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting is almost always done with the use of transmitter/receiver equipment, which can be as simple as a small, portable device or as high-tech as a sound booth and relay system. During Simultaneous interpretation our language specialists will interpret everything being said “on the floor” simultaneously (at the same time as the speaker), while participants that don’t speak the language are listening via radio-like receivers.

The Pros:

Allows you to have as many languages as you want in one meeting.
Very time-efficient
Fully communicates the message & sentiment of speaker
The Cons:

Requires equipment & setup
Requires a minimum of 2 interpreters per language for meetings over 3 hours
Not suitable or cost effective for very small meetings or one-on-one
Most Common Languages Requested
The following languages are the most requested; however, we do have interpreters that can speak any language.

At Novatia Translations, we offer an array of premier interpretation services and are the ONLY interpreting agency in Nigeria who also specialize in economic and tecnical interpretations. If you’re having Union and labor negotiations or political meetings and conferences, we will make the language barrier disappear! we’re just a click or phone call away. 080-3753-1249 Get your free quote now.

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